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Default rags to riches -and back again

Originally Posted by General Pain
In HQs T2K campaign ; we have been playing for 5 years (15 years game time) (2004-2019) - And in that time we have gon from traveling refugees to emperors of a new nation and back again...though GP will not give in and is now considered one of the richest people around. We will see how long it will last....

HQ will probably answer this more correctly (in his opinion)
I have enjoyed the rags part and the riches were fun too.
I have an overall timeline developing though, and the playercharacters are engulfed in some events beyond their control and some they can act on .

General - you might come out rich and powerful still - its just a matter of surviving and winning the fights ...

On that note - I am looking forward to the boathouse sessions and seeing how you guys make it ..or not
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