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Originally Posted by cawest View Post
one of the things that might happen is a throwback to the ACW. Officers will be offered the idea that they buy their own sidearms as long as it is a the "right" set of calibers. maybe after it does so well that senior NCOs will get the same offer. there are a lot of small shops that can make AR platforms or 1911 clones and the like.
I think it would, at most, be on a limited basis. The main reason I say so would be ammunition/magazine compatability and spare part/maintenance availability - the weapon needs to be able to function as part of a unit that has standardized on the issue weapon. From what I have read, generals provided their own sidearms until 1943, when the Army started issuing "special" upgraded pistols to generals; upon retirement they are presented the opportunity to purchase the gun from the Army.

From personal experience, I wouldn't say never, because there are enough units, especially in the reserve components, where some rules receive "variable enforcement", that higher-ups look the other way.

The Army also had a pretty good stockpile of M1911s in Anniston, Albama following the fielding of the M9. In the mid-90s there were over 100,000 M1911s in storage, which makes the Charter Arms Bulldog purchase (on May 8th above, pulled from the v1 Small Arms Guide) a little redundant, except perhaps the Air Force felt that the Army wasn't forthcoming enough with the 1911s.
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