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Originally Posted by nuke11 View Post
I see you have the same issue as others on the internet. The M1 Timer Detonator, no one can figure out what that is, as it is not listed at all in any public document. The picture everyone uses is a fuse from a Mk82.

Here is a discussion we had last year about this and what it might be:

I know Kevin Dockery is on Facebook (I'm not), maybe some wants to ask this question thru the Facebook page to him or directly to him.

I'm on Page 113 so far.
I must admit that I never looked too deeply into the subject but I had thought the M1 Timer Detonator should have been the WW2 M1 Chemical Delay Firing Device (I think it was nicknamed the pencil detonator or something like that?)

Some time later after trawling through the net...
This is what I personally thought the book listing for the M1 detonator should have been rather than some non-descript clockwork device: -
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