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Originally Posted by Gamer View Post
This I don't agree with you on Dragon,

The hospital, any hospital is still a target, it may not be by any bomb but it's a target for all the wandering refugees and military personnel.
Seriously if you had survived and was wandering by soon afterwards would you just keep on going by or would you scrounge for meds?
Nobody is dumb enough to just go on by especially if the facility was in decent shape, after all a roof is a roof.
The MP personnel wouldn't have to advertise a refuge camp, it becomes one before the dust even clears.

I agree with most everything else everyone has said and I too got rid of the Phoenix team, what a waste of space.
The initial problem with access to the base, in the module, was placing a ranch on top of a ridge. Nobody in that portion of Nevada builds ranches on top of ridges, primarily due to a lack of any reliable source of water. In and of it self, that screams "government installation" in 100 foot tall LED flashing lights. The hospice idea, especially a children's hospice for terminally ill patients makes better sense (all though the lack of a water supply rears its ugly head yet again). Another idea would be to place a open pit mine (but again, that on top of the ridge thing is kinda unique in this state).

My own personal views, after a lot of research into local conditions would be to build the ranch on the floor of the valley and then dig an access tunnel into the ridge. Instead of building a steep incline (elevators, stairs) in order to get to Level One of the Life Cylinder, I'd simply reverse stack the levels (One moving to the bottom of the cylinder) on all of the cylinders.

I also have a few thoughts on the Grand Deception....surely, at some point in time, the probability of the location of Prime being discovered by a hostile force had to have been discussed (and if it wasn't, then we have some very poor planners!). The entrance tunnel could have had a series of "annexes" holding food stuffs, clothing, building and medical supplies then end at Post one and the "official" three "pod" base. This would also allow for the transcore to be deleted from the first level with access up to level two through a hidden staircase. So if anyone did crack the entrance tunnel, a prepared deception is already in place (besides, these emergency supplies could always be issued to the local teams).

Just a few thoughts!
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