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Originally Posted by ArmySGT. View Post
Oh no you gonna need a fifth cylinder...........

Where is the factories and the foundries to make tools, replacement parts, even complete machines? Fusion power packs are good for 18 months I think there is facilities for recharging one (helium 3 ?) but what if you need a new one?

Detroit won't be making any of those, let alone any new V-150 parts.
I'd remove the radiation dump in Supply and replace it with a fusion recharge facility. I'd also move the industrial stuff out into the mission annex tunnels (and possible add 2-4 additional tunnels either running the same way or at cross angles), Ammunition needs to be at the end of a very long tunnel and as far as possible from Prime, and behind several sets of very thick blast doors!

Moving the industrial stuff out of supply opens up those areas for additional farming, canning, freeze-drying, etc. And moving the industrial stuff out into the tunnels gets them out and away from the living areas and allows for more space (if needed).
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