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The pickup captioned as a 2010 El Monstruo got some analysis after it was captured in 2011. Its armor was equivalent to B7 civilian armoring, which is roughly equivalent to 14.5mm of steel, or about AV 3 per FF&S; portions of it had 25mm of steel, or AV 5 (both AVs assume good steel; soft steel would be AV 2 or 4 respectively). Top speed was 40-50 km/h. The windshield was replaced by polycarbonate viewing ports, and the fixed turret at the top was for a sniper. It was estimated to carry 19-20 passengers in the rear, along with a caltrop dropper, oil slick sprayer, and smoke generator. It'd be good for protection against the sort of arms police and gangs are typically armed with, but a LAW or even an anti-materiel rifle or heavy machine gun would be bad news for the vehicle, let alone an actual tank.
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