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Originally Posted by ChalkLine View Post
I've got no idea where I got that 'the Project likes to remain distinctive' and I've only read the 4th edition, maybe it was on a blog somewhere.

I wonder if there should have been a small Project presence that picked up in a sudden so most caches are new but there's some old ones.
That's very likely, I have a vague recollection of some older TMP websites that filled the teams gear lists with all manner of new "gucci" equipment to the point where they had no US military equipment at all. Most of the time I just went to "The Supply Bunker" for my TMP material but I was always interested in other people's sites for the game (mostly because I could never find anyone nearby who wanted to play TMP so I was living vicariously through others!)
But back on topic, the earlier editions had a strong representation of equipment that had either been in US military use, was still in US service or had been contenders for US service (hence the XR311 which was touted as a potential replacement for the M151 jeep in US service years before the HMMWV came into being).

For me, I haven't seen 4th edition yet, I'll buy it sometime in the near future. I've had the 3rd edition book for several years. I am lead to believe 3rd Ed. isn't that much different from the earlier editions except that it introduced rules associated with role-playing (because, apparently, they didn't actually have such rules originally - I don't know this for certain as I've never seen the 1st or 2nd Ed. books).
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