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So to get a feel for what the Australian Project might prepare for, we should look at what they would likely expect.

The nuclear exchange between China and the US would likely force surviving naval units from both sides most likely south, as Vietnam and Korea would probably suffered heavy damage as well to ports capable of large deep sea ships.This would put highly trained and armed men in places like the Philippines and Indonesia. There would also be some military and refugee movement into Malaysia. This may also displace some refugees into the Java Islands.

Much would seem to stabilize for a short time, until the resource pressure on the smaller island causes another wave of refugee movement. A good portion of this would be through the archipelago toward the larger island of Papua New Guinea. It is likely that from here, refugees may finally make their way to Australia by making the relatively short route to Queensland, or even island hopping the same route.

I would suspect some organized pirate activity, and a possible beach head, from elements that arise from the displaced navies on the more temperate northern shores of Western Australia, Northern Territory and possible getting close to Queensland. There may be some activity around Perth, if for no other reason than to try and find pre-war technology in decent condition for use, repair or parts.

At about the 25 year mark, Australia would see refugees encroaching natives in the northern coastal Queensland area; pirates looking for resources and labor; the outback areas adapting relatively quickly to the new norm and wanting to keep it that way; Australian agriculture being affected by the shorter, cooler and dryer growing seasons being unable to realistically sustaining the external pressures for crops and still serving the native Australian survivors. Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales would become rather resource abundant, and therefor an attractor for the bands of refugees.

That's my first, relatively simplistic look at what will happen. The Project will have to fill in the blanks to keep stability and restoration in this climate.
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