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Originally Posted by Desert Mariner View Post
Standard features/equipment includes:
--200kV fusion power plant
--Drive motors (1 per wheel) - 3-phase, 6-pole AC internal permanent-magnet motor producing 192 kW (258 hp) and 429 Nm (317 lbf-ft) of torque (≈70kg each) [equivalent to Tesla Model S motor]
Just a couple things I noticed and have questions on.

First, I will assume its a 200kW fusion power plant. I know, just a typo.

Second is the drive motors. As shown, assuming you can power all the motors, the total torque of the truck is 1716 Nm (1268 lb-ft) since I am assuming your specs are per in-wheel motor. The gas turbine in the M1 Abrams generates 2750 lb-ft of torque. So you have about 50% of the torque and only 30% of the mass of a M1 Abrams. That would make this thing a beast. But the power plant can only supply 25% of the power to run all four motors at maximum output. So either your motors are too big or you intend to run each motor at a lower power level for redundancy in case of a single motor failure to not lose performance. This should be clarified.
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