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Space:1889 is another of my favorite GDW RPG's. I have to ask: what parts did you use for 2300AD?
Hi Adm. Lee, I've used a few things from Space 1889.

I've used the colonies on Mars and Venus in the 2300AD setting. I've used all the British, French, German, Russian, Italian, American, Japanese and Belgian colonies on Mars and Venus, and names like Syrtis Major, Ideaus Fons and Unebi Station sound great. Although I have downgraded these colonies to either research/military outposts or mining bases on both planets.

I also like using the ether/aerial fleets and add them to wider 2300AD naval balance. I use ether battleships (cruisers) and aerial fortresses (destroyers)and aerial cruisers (frigates) as stutterwarp capable warships, while the aerial gun boats and smaller zeppelins become sub-light system defence boats or corvettes. The addition of some Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish naval forces adds to the general flavour of my 2300AD setting and expands a bit from the usual big American and European Fleets. I've also changed the Austro-Hungarian Zep fleet to Freihaven (on Alpha Centauri) and the Belgian fleet is divided up between the French and Dutch. I also use non-canon Space 1889 material and incorporated into my 2300AD setting.

I'm also using some of the offworld military orbats found in "Soldier’s Companion" and directly transferring it to 2300AD, although I may base some forces outside of the Solar System or back on Earth and may also change the size of the units as having dozens of infantry regiments in an outpost on airless Mars for example doesn't realy make sense, and I'm also changing horse cavalry regiments to armoured or armoured-cavalry units.
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