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Originally Posted by boogiedowndonovan View Post
anyone pick it up yet? I took a quick glance at the hardcover a week ago, the price scared me away almost $50 USD. I'm having second thoughts though and might pick it up later. I'll also have to get the mongoose traveller if I want to play though.
If you really like 2300AD as I do, then I recommend it as its the only game in town. The author has many supplements planned with the first two do out in the the next month or so. Unfortunately, the book has numerous errors and isn't all that attractive. Given the price tag I expected something like the Eclipse Phase core book, which is really well done. Instead its B&W and rather unsparing. This seems to be Mongoose's MO for most Traveller books. Also, I'm not a fan of the Traveller rules but finding decent GURPS conversions is easy.

Hope this helps.
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