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I found some information that makes me think the M1 timed detonator listed in the rules was the best guess as to what the device was like. I found many references to the M147 Time Delay Firing Device (TDFD) and it seems that it is the device called the M1 in the rules. I even found palleting documents for the M147 TDFD dated 1992.

There are some differences though. The M147 TDFD weighs 198g, the time delay can be set from five minutes to 30 days in one-minute increments. The reason I think this is the detonator is from the section of the description that I made bold:
The Time Delay Firing Device (TDFD) is employed by Special Forces and other units to place charges on high value targets with set times that will allow safe departure for the area and precision coordination of timed missions. The TDFD is a small, lightweight, electronic timing device with a flash explosive output for initiating a user attached M7 blasting cap. It is inherently more safe, reliable, and accurate than the family of six M1 Chemical pencils that it replaces. It is capable of being set in the field for time delays ranging from five minutes to 30 days in one minute increments.
You can see additional info at this site:

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