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Old 06-27-2020, 05:26 AM
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Default Bioweapons

We've got basic information on a number of diseases in the rules, but has anyone expanded on these and stated them (and others) out as bioweapons?
My research has found the USSR and later Russia had an absolutely MASSIVE amount of them and were well prepared to use them. Some of what they had could be delivered via ICBM, had a 100% fatality rate and was unimaginably infectious.
The stuff of nightmares....

Just to put it into perspective, Iraq which had an extensive bioweapon program (prior to 1991 at least) had a total nation production capacity of 77,000 litres. In 1993 just ONE production centre (Berdsk near Novosibirsk) had a capacity of 2,560,000 litres - 33 times greater in just ONE of their many facilities!
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