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Old 10-12-2017, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
I am actually coming up with a very logical explanation that details how the Mexicans got Russian equipment in City of Angels
This might not be that hard to explain. In the later stages of the Cold War the Soviets has a very large military presence in Cuba. The Lourdes SIGINT facility near Havana was the largest Soviet communications and SIGINT facility outside of the Soviet Union, used to relay transmissions to Soviet military units around the world and to monitor and collect American military transmissions. In the early 1990's Soviet military forces in Cuba stood at 7,700 personnel, including a motor rifle brigade of 2,800 troops organised into one armoured battalion, three motor rifle battalions, one artillery battalion, and one air defence units plus support. There were also 2,800 Soviet "advisors" and 2,100 Soviet troops assigned to signal intelligence. There were also as many 6,000 Soviet citizens in Cuba working in an advisory or technical role. There were further small detachments of Soviet troops/advisors in Nicaragua and Peru.

Cuba also providing landing bases for Tu-95D Bear bombers configured for reconnaissance, but capable of carrying nuclear bombs or launching nuclear missiles. The supersonic Tu-22 Backfire strategic bomber could also fly to Cuba, and at least three and maybe six Cuban airfields can handle the Backfire. The Soviets also supplied Cuba with a wing of Mig-27 fighter-bombers in addition to Mig-23 fighters, capable of carrying nuclear or conventional payloads up to 1,500 miles and believed to be frequently flown by Soviet and Warsaw Pact pilots. The Soviets also sent twenty-four AN-26 transport planes to Cuba, which are capable of carrying troops anywhere in the Caribbean region including Florida and Mexico. Batteries of modified SA-2 anti aircraft missiles were also based in Cuba. These large missiles, often equipped with nuclear weapons, can be employed in a surface-to-surface mode by the simple addition of a booster. They have an operational range in excess of 150 miles and could be used against ground targets in Florida.

Soviet warships also frequently called at Cuban ports, to train with the Cuban Navy, and patrol the southern and eastern coasts of the U.S. after replenishment in Cuba. Soviet warships seen in Cuba included missile cruisers, destroyers and submarines. The Punta Movida complex, a Soviet built facility linked by rail to Cienfuegos, was used to service nuclear weapons from Soviet submarines. Soviet marine research and space support ships also operated from Cuba, and intelligence collection ships based in Cuba operated off the east coast of the U.S.

Once war breaks out between NATO and the Warsaw Pact then Cuba will become very isolated, but before the Twilight War it would have been quite normal for Soviet ships and aircraft to visit Cuba. From when the Soviets invade China in 1995 to the period of German Reunification up until December 1996, NATO was not at war with the Warsaw Pact. It would also be reasonable to expect the Soviets to reinforce their bases and units overseas during this period, as this was exactly what the Americans, British and French would be doing. It would not be difficult for the Soviet to ship armoured vehicles, artillery and other weapons to Cuba by sea or air. Although the Americans would be monitoring Soviet air and shipping movements at this time and would notice any Soviet ships or aircraft visiting Mexico, it could be sent from Cuba to Mexico aboard Cuban aircraft or cargo ships. It could even have been sent through Nicaragua or some other location via ships of another nationality, before the rest of NATO crosses into East Germany and starts the Twilight War.

Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
and also explains what the heck a Russian task force was doing in the Gulf of California for the the USS Virginia task force to run into. Hopefully you guys will like it
This might be more difficult to explain, as I would expect most Soviet surface ships to have been sunk or moored at some remote Soviet port at this stage of the Twilight War.
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