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Old 10-08-2020, 01:40 PM
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Default Drones and UAVs in T2K

When T2K was first released, UAVs were still nascent tech. I don't recall every seeing mention of drones/UAVs in any published T2k adventure modules or source-books.

AFAIK, the Israelis were pioneers (pun intended) in UAV tech and operational application. Their use of drones as decoys c. 1982 to trick Syrian SAM crews in the Bekaa Valley into targeting themselves for HARM strikes by turning on their radars was brilliant.

The USN used drones launched from their Wisconsin class battleships to act as unmanned artillery spotters during Desert Storm in '91.

So drones exist in the various T2k timelines, and would have seen battlefield use therein, but to what extent? Would any UAVs be left by mid-2000?

Today, all manner of UAVs- from Hellfire-carrying Predators to off-the-shelf quadcopters, have become a prominent feature of pretty much every conflict zone on the planet. The tech is not limited to national militaries. In fact, insurgent and terrorist groups have pioneering drone tactics on various third world battlefields for the last few years.

On a side note, it seems to me that drone detection and countermeasures are lagging behind drone tech and tactics.

In a brief T2030 campaign that I ran, small drones came into play. The PCs had a couple fixed wing UAVs, which they used to great effect for reconnaissance and battlefield surveillance. They are huge force multiplier when used against an adversary lacking the same capability. Unfortunately, the campaign ended before the player party encountered an enemy with drones of their own (plans for such an encounter were afoot).

Have drones/UAVs featured in your campaign? Tell us about it.

This is the place for drone discussion so have at it.

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