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Old 02-15-2021, 11:06 PM
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Default unpublished works

I had a conversation with Pual Riegel some months ago discussing Ohio. He had informed me that there was a 3rd part to his twilight 2000 adventure for Ohio that was never published. I know there was the kenyan area and the seminoles stuff. My question is has anyone else ever come across or found information that was never published by some of the original authors of either challenge magazine or twilight v1 or v2 ?
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Old 02-16-2021, 01:49 AM
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There was going to be an adventure scenario published in Challenge issue 78 that never saw the light of day. GDW shut down before Challenge 78 could even be sent to the printers from what I understand.
The adventure was of interest to me because it was set in Australia and concerned an effort to keep the Indian-Pacific rail link in operation (the railway is called the Indian-Pacific because it links the west coast and the east coast - the Indian Ocean coast and the Pacific Ocean coast respectively).
The Indian-Pacific is a tourist railway now but also carries people travelling to some of the rural locations it passes through. In the past, it also carried mail and other supplies to these communities (largely replaced by trucks these days).

As an Aussie, this particular scenario interested me quite a lot because it was apparently written by another Aussie and I made some inquiries with Far Future Enterprises in the late 1990s/early-2000s about its state and was told that essentially, the magazine didn't reach the printers and all the submitted articles reverted back to their respective authors.
Naturally enough, presumably for privacy reasons, I was not allowed to get the contact details of the person who wrote the Aussie scenario. To be fair though, FFE most likely didn't even have that information anyway.

However I persisted with the questions here in Australia via various internet forums and got some info but it was mostly contradictory and that basically sunk any chances of finding the author. But there were claims (well, to be brutal, they were better described as wishful thinking) that someone knew someone who knew someone who knew the author and could "probably" get a copy.
That was almost 20 years ago and still nothing has surfaced so I am inclined to think that the author was not interested in any sort of web presence and thus, the adventure has probably not been seen by more than half a dozen people, so yeah, those people who knew someone etc. etc. were probably desperately hoping to stir up the author so he'd make the adventure available to the public.
Either that or they were full of shit!
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Old 02-16-2021, 11:03 AM
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There was Frank Frey's Kenya adventure that he published the background and notes on here which was used by both Raellus (for his excellent article published in the first fanzine) and me (for the V2.2. canon version) of Kenya. (we arent original authors but we did use his notes)

I also know that Thomas Mulkey had a complete background description of Florida that was going to be used for a possible second Florida module that was never released that would have given information on the situation in the Keys, Miami and Jacksonville, including the Seminoles stuff. From what I hear that information may be around and love to publish that as part of a fanzine if anyone has it or knows how to contact his family.

Oh and Legbreaker has been working on an ANZAC module for a long time and hasnt published it yet either. (again not an original author but it is an unpublished work)

And you can add to that a module I was working on for CA that I didnt publish when Marc told me that he was focusing on the next version and instead I went to work on the fanzines. I am looking at starting up on that again soon too.
Author of Twilight 2000 official canon campaign sourcebook, East Africa/Kenya Sourcebook, available-


Assembled, produced and contributed to the 2nd and 3rd issue of the T2000 Fanzine- "You're On Your Own"



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Old 02-27-2021, 04:58 PM
wolffhound79 wolffhound79 is offline
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it would be great to get a hold some kind of notes from the authors of varies modules and sourcebooks about the game. I imagine just a binder filled with info and notes and ideas would answer so many questions.
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