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Old 02-16-2021, 10:06 AM
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Default T2k livestreams

Hey all,

I do RPG-related livestreams on Facebook, over the past year I've covered a vast amount of the early D&D catalog (1st edition and Original, for the most part), and now I've started on Twilight:2000's modules. If you want to tune in to watch, here's the link(s). They're open to the world, you don't need to Add Friend or anything.

Here's the first two. Let me know if you'd like an unboxing/reboxing of the core 1e set and The Last Battle (I've previously covered them, but I can go more in-depth if the demand is there).

Later today (2/17/2021) I will be going over The Ruins of Warsaw.

Hope to see you all there, then!


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