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Default Ideal equipment

TiggerCCW UK 10-16-2003, 04:56 AM This is geared more towards a Dark Conspiracy campaign that I'm planning now, but I would respect the opinions of the posters on this board.

In my campaign my players are going to be up against a nasty corporation and I'm trying to generate rough templates for the security of the company. It will range from uniformed rentacop type guards through patrol types on the perimeters to a SWAT type team. Any one any ideas about weapons and gear for them? Remember that you are a multinational corporation with very large resources, so there is no real restriction to the origen of your kit.



jester770 10-17-2003, 10:28 PM Originas of the kit:

Welll it would depend on the location. If it took place in say the former Soviet Sphere then I would say former Pact or a mega corporation then I can see many of the weapons that were never fielded bby the Pact.

If it ias anywhere else I would say weapons befitting the type of troops.

Security would be on the low rung of the totem pole and armed with say revolvers or baasic automatics, the odd Shotgun and maybe a rifle or two on occassion. Primarily the more common pistols, I would say Glocks and Sigs or even Berretas.

Your police forces armed a bit better, the same basic pistols but with more long arms and maybe the MP5 and its variants.

For your SWAT team, well they would have a selection of various weapons systems to fit their mission.

I would say Steyr AUG, Heckler and Koch Mp5s, the new H&K nuts what is the new assault rifle they make? Even some M16 or M4 class weapons.

Two other weapons to consider would be the Valmet and Galill designs.

Just a quicck idea.




dawg180 10-18-2003, 03:15 PM Jester, I think you are referring to the HK 36. They also have a Squad auto version that is pretty cool.

If you are going for a rich megacorp, definitely push the HK stuff for the high end SWAT type guys. Anther good way to convey the quality of the troops is the clothing, i.e. spec ops vests with modular pouches, knee pads, kevlar helmets with goggles, etc.

If you have undercover security, give em cool stuff like the FN P90 and FN FiveSeven. Anything bullpup in config also seems to convey a very cutting edge kit.

Depending on how futuristic you want to go, I have some futuristic gear I cooked up with FFS on my webpage as a PDF file. Website is http://www.geocities.com/area51/orion/6278/

Look under "Twilight 2040 equipment guide 0.9"Dawg


jester770 10-18-2003, 04:08 PM Yes the HK G36!

I would also suggest a reaction force for the security guards made up of other security types. These guys would have external body armor and long arms.

Okay the load out for the groups as well:

Security: Common pistol, a basic duty belt and spare ammo. Maybe a revolver or common automatic <not high end though!> 2 speed loaders or magazines. Flashlight, and that is about it. Maybe a radio per every 4 or 5. Their skills would be mediocre. And they normaly would not have body armor.

Security Reaction Force: An experienced trained group in a different unifform. With a high end Automatic, and two magazines and shotguns and a few assault rifles and maybe an SMG. And something akin to a old style Kevlar Vest

Regular police:

All well trained in melee aremd and unarmed. Well trained with a high end pistol, all with access to a long arm shotgun or assault rifle, A good set of gear for their duty belt to include a colapsable PR24 side handled baton. All with radios

Crash Crew <Like a riot squad>

High end pistols, modern external body armor, helmet and face sheild, shotguns, high impact plastic sheild, long straight batton I forget the name but almost like a short staff. All with radios, The shot guns would have some less than leathal rounds like rubber Buckshot.

And each squad would have a M79 or similiar Grenade launcher with a few rounds of Chemical projectiles like 'CS or CN and a few less than lethal rounds like soft rubber buckshot, a bean bag round or even a spider webb round <A round that exits the barrel and then opens up in a net with sticky glue that hits and entangles the target>

All members would also have gas masks and gloves and plastic/polymer body armor like shin and wrist guards and the vests would have a a longer leng hanging down to the mid thigh.

Further weapons could include:

a Paintball bun loaded with the following: Rounds loaded with balls filled with pepper or CS instead of paint.

Paintball gun loaded with solft rubber balls as a less than leathal crowd control method.

A container <fire extinguisher sized> of sticky foam acts like fly papper with people.

And a few of the senior people of the squads having smoke grenades and CS grenades.

I see three basic types of SWAT Type Squads, all being the same caliber or troops, ELITE:

Breaching team or a team that is geared for insside an urban building, like a LARGE urban faciolity or SKY SCRAPER:

All with LEvel 3 A bullet proof vests:

Tactical harness with high end pistol, radio, gloves, primary wweapon <Shotgun, SMG or short assault rifle in a carbine configuration with 1 or 2 full assault rifles> And flash bang stun grenades, a hand held battering ram and a bullter proof sheild.

General Purpose SWAT type:

All of the above except the majority are armed with Assault rifles and a handful of their number armed with a Tactical Shotgun and SMG.

Exteranl SWAT Team <wworking outsside the urban enviroemtn>

All asssault weapons with 1 or 2 shotguns and SMGs, and a battle rifle or two and maybe one or two support weapons to include a SAW or GPMG.

Sniper team or two:

Sniper rifle of choice with a spottter.

Motorcycle Forces:

these would have high end pistols, body armor, ASP Batons, and a shortened shotgun or MP5K. They would also have additional kevlar body armor and possibly some form of polymet plate bullteproof shin guards and other armor similiar to motorcross armor. OF cvourse all in a uniform color.

nonuniformed Police <Akin to detectives>

Small radio with ear piece, ASP colapsible batton, high end medium sized pistol think SIG P228 or Glock 19 Sized, 1 pair of handcuffs.

Dog Handler: Bullet proof vest, high end pistol tactical holster, radio and assault rifle in carbine configuration or SMG for the security man, the dog handler has his pistol and just hios dog.

Dog well trained large dog.

Batteringram car:

A vehicle similiar to a LAV chassis with a large long battering ram mounted instead of a turret. Crew of Two, high end pistol on tactical rig, maybe a level 3 vest, a CVC helmet and that is it.

Okay that is just a few things off the top of my head.




ReHerakhte 10-20-2003, 04:54 AM If you want to get some firearms that are not in the typical Western made small arms books and that your Players might not be familar with, I'd suggest having a look at Paul Mulcahy's site.

Download some of the files he has provided for small arms as he has plenty of rarely heard of items.




TiggerCCW UK 10-20-2003, 10:31 AM Some nice ideasfolks - keep them coming please. I'l give you a run down on my final idea when I have it organised.


Ben Webster 10-21-2003, 08:44 PM If it is for DC. Throw in some of the various security robots, from the little paint pellet ones to the Robocop type big guy (you have 5 seconds to comply).

As for the more normal security guys. Use weapons from the nation the corporation originates from. Or go through the books and pick something you have never used before. Throw in a few things from the Dark Tech book, like shotgun pistols.

You could use all kinds of non-lethal weapons. Remembering corporate security forces dislike causing collateral damage in their own backyard (what with lawsuits, damaging employee's and property etc and risking destroying corporate files/secrets etc).



Morthrai 10-24-2003, 05:19 PM Here we go, my first post on this forum so I will behave myself

As a long-time player and GM of GDW's games and a big fan of Dark Conspiracy in particular I just felt compelled to add my thoughts to this thread. Most of what I thought of has already been covered, including the security robot thing. When Demonground was a DC-only 'zine we had more weapons and combat articles sent to us than we could ever use. There was a bunch of firearms and several non-lethals as well, including the Power-Staf pneumatic baton and the Netgun (converted rifle that launches a big mesh net to wrap up targets). Bear in mind though, this is a dark world we are talking about and corps are more likely to have lethal rules of engagement...they are not squeamish.

By and large, my idea of corp security mirrors jester's Anything else you need to know about the wonderful world of DC, just ask and I will try to help.

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