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Default New Section up

Antenna 06-26-2004, 06:15 PM Well, I have been toying with files again.... Yes I be ashamed as usual....

But there is a new section up on my web

Sweden at war thru 1941-1985 (http://www.ludd.ltu.se/users/antenna/swe_mod/index.htm)

You are as usual Welcome to visit my pages



TR 06-27-2004, 12:16 AM Here would be the follow up for those wondering what small arms would look like for the period you have selected....


Swedish Small Arms 1941 - 1985


Automatisk Repeter Pistol M/40 (aka M1940 Lahti)

Automatisk Repeter pistol M/39 (10,000 Walther P-38's were purchased in 1939)

Husquvarna M/07 (AKA Model 1903, Licensed FN-Browning M1903 Copy)

M/58 (Smith & Wesson Model 12 - Used By Air Force Pilots)

Automatisk Repter Pistol 88 (Glock Model 17 - Adopted Officially In 1988)

Automatisk Repter pistol (Walther PP - Issued In Limited Quantities To Army Personnel)


FFV Ordnance Model 1945 (Carl Gustav M45 or M1945)


FFV Ordnance Automatkarbin 4 (AK-4, Licensed G-3 Copy)

Automatkarbin 5 (AK-5, Licensed FN FNC Copy, Adopted in 1984, Order of 80,000 Started Delivery in 1986)

Automatgevar M/42B or M/42B (AKA Ljungman M42)

Gevar M/96 (AKA Model 1896, Licensed Copy Mauser)

Gevar M/38 (AKA Model 1938, Shortened MAuser)


FFV Ordnance Kulspruta 58 MAG (AKA Ksp 58, Licensed FN MAG Copy, Initital guns in 1958 were chambered in 6.5x55mm Swedish, in 1962 Sweden Converted to 7.62 NATO)

Kulspruta M21 (AKA Browning M1918 BAR, Chambered in 6.5x55mm Swedish)

FFV Kulspruta M42B (Aka Browning M1919A6, Chambered in 6.5x55mm Swedish)

FFV Kulspruta M36B (Aka Browning M1917A1, Chambered in 7.62 NATO)

Kulspruta M37 (AKA Browning M1918 BAR, A Improved Model Of the M21, chambered in 6.5x55mm Swedish)

Heckler & Koch 21A1 (Unknown Quantities of these machineguns are reported in service in the 1980's)

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