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Old 09-13-2015, 10:54 AM
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Default Wake up sequence

The play begins when the characters thaw out. What happens between the time the bolt hole communications system gets the wake up call or the bolt hole computer decides that it must initiate wake up do to local conditions.

First what initiates wake up:
Coded signal on correct frequency

Command code entered at key pad by personnel with MPID card

Or Internal
Fuel level indicates that there is only enough to initiate wake up and vehicle restart

Bolt Hole Intrusion alarm activates

Bolt Hole Integrity alarm actives

There are a number of things that have to happen after the wake is initiated:
The Project members must be thawed out. Their heart and other organs must be restarted. A massive dose of stimulants and anti oxidants are injected as soon as the body is thawed out enough for blood to flow. The any oxidants are to remove the free radicals produced by long term radiation exposure while frozen.

While this is going on the vehicle or vehicles fusion plants are also being restarted. The liquid media is pumped into the reaction chamber. The physical seal on the He3 is pierced and the He3 is injected into the reaction chamber. A neutron gun fires to jumpstart the He3-He3 reaction and produces enough power to start the bubble producing equipment.

The bolt hole has a very simple sensor package: local weather conditions, external radiation dose and chemical agents present. This package is activated and begins to collect data. Note it cannot detect biological agents, as that requires a much bigger sensor system.

The freeze tubes continue to revive their occupants. As respiration is restarted the atmosphere is 100% O2 and this is slowly dropped down to normal as they patient's breathing becomes more regular. The tube can administer various cardiac medications as needed to ensure proper heart function and can also administer some respirator meds as well.

If the occupant does not respond the tube will immediately attempt CPR and will active a flashing blue light on the tube to alert other team members of the emergency once they awaken. The tube will continue administering life support until the tube is opened and the active team members take charge or until the bolt hole runs out of power, it will never give up and doesn't have the ability to declare the occupant dead.

While the revivification of the team continues the bolt hole feeds all relevant data from its communications buffer into the vehicle computers via hard wired communications. The bolt hole sensor package data is also loaded. If any external conditions are outside of acceptable parameters a yellow strobe light will activate next to the door control panel.

The entire sequence requires approximately 2 hours to complete. The bolt is designed to withstand two and half hours of entry attempts with blow torches and similar devices but can be rapidly penetrated with large breaching charges.
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