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Old 09-15-2015, 05:18 PM
tsofian tsofian is offline
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Default MARS and Recon in Prime Base

There has to be Recon and MARS brancj members in PB. The Object of thee base is to support field team operations. There are special sections in the OPS cylinder where the various Branches have offices or other space. Just as the CapCom in NASA MUST be an astronaught so would the various people communicating with the field teams be Branched to support those teams.

So Even if they aren't "Officially" organized like field teams there will be a bunch of MARS, Recon, Science, Engineering, Logistics and so forth in Prime Base ready to communicate with the field teams and provide them support and guidance.

During the entire period that the Base existed it would have a security force of MARS folks acting as police and such as needed, but ready to defend the base from external threats.

There would be enough Recon folks so that after things cool off around the base post oops they can sneak around outside the base and check on local conditions

They will be followed by science teams to do more in depth surveys and all will be escorted by MARS teams.

I can't see how Prime can Complete either its local mission or its support mission without numerous Branch personnel
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Old 09-15-2015, 07:01 PM
cosmicfish cosmicfish is offline
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I always assumed that Morrow had to have some kind of matrix management scheme, just like the military and most corporations. That scheme has a operational command structure that in this case would be national-regional-group-team, as well as a functional command structure that would provide MARS/Recon/Science/Whatever personnel at various proficiency levels.

So I absolutely agree that there should be a national MARS command which not only supervises the organization, training, and equipping of "lower" MARS teams but also directly maintains those MARS assets that only exist at the national level - a few specialized elite teams for hostage rescue and such, plus an attack helicopter team and such.

I am not sure whether or not it makes sense to have those in PB. There would be some advantages to doing so, but there is also increased risk...
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