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Old 12-01-2015, 05:41 PM
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Post 4th Edition Equipment, Night Vision Device Detection Distance Table

A small chart that list the distance a man sized object can be detected with each generation of night vision device. The Gen 1 line is still a work in progress.

This will be used with an upcoming Night Vision Equipment and Thermal Vision Equipment addition


December 2, 2015: Small update to file.


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Old 12-01-2015, 07:24 PM
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My direct personal experience is with Gen II AN/PVS-5, AN/PVS-4, AN/TVS-5........... Then later Gen III AN/PVS-7B....... Then refurbished and upgraded Gen III AN/TVS-5.

AN/PVS-7B single tube binoculars have a built in IR (Infrared) illuminator. This projects a weak short ranged beam of IR like a flashlight in front of the wearer if they choose to activate it. This is for situations like map reading (mono color), absolute darkness like tunnels or inside structures, and repair or loading vehicles.

Depth perception is a huge issue. It takes a lot of practice and training over and over to learn to gauge distances correctly wearing goggles. Your eyes are focusing on a two dimensional image that is one inch away, and your training teaches you to interpret that as relevant distances. Training also teaches you to distinguish shadows from holes in the ground. People step of into fighting positions because it looks like a shadow. Honestly, just never put your foot down into darkness.

Needs to be an agility modifier to accomplish even simple tasks wearing NVGs (night vision goggles). Probably severe for those untrained and less for those with training.

Wash out / white out. This happens when bright lights; a flashlight, headlights, flares, burning vehicles, etc; is within the field of view of the NOD (night observation device)...... In old Gen I, the unit may shut down and reset itself. In later versions, the systems auto dim or decrease their sensitivity to protect the units circuitry. In effect for the viewer, you see a big bright spot surrounded by darkness, if the other ambient light isn't so bright that there is some image.

If you can you use wash out / white out to your advantage. Emplacing your ambush or defense with the rising moon or a village or town behind you while you use terrain and shadows smartly can reduce the chance of detection. Conversely, if the rising moon is to your front, you risk greater detection and difficulty seeing your sector.

Driving......... Those damn black out tail lights are hypnotic.... Driving with NVGs at best doubles driver fatigue too. If you have an IR headlight you can see an area roughly the same as if you were driving the same with white light headlights at low power. Driving with only the blackout headlight is for low speed as it lights up only a very short distance to the vehicle front.

More later...... I am sleepy.
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Old 12-02-2015, 02:55 PM
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Small update to the file.
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