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Old 01-21-2010, 10:57 PM
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Default Civgov Leadership Question

TR 08-23-2004, 07:44 PM Hey all,

Been working on some ideas for the Civgov documentation I have been slaving away on... I have given a lot of thought to the man himself in charge of Civgov, John Broward. Any thoughts on the man and who would be his VP from the political scene then (or would it be another ficiticious type)... We know very little about Broward, the Howling Wilderness document mentions nothing if I recall about his background at all which doesn't help... but helps me if I want to make it up I suppose. Thought I would see what some of my estemed collagues have to say.

Me, I figure either Broward or his VP would have to have for a military background to partially explain why they can sway some military forces... the ability to see both the civilian and military point of view would be a key to their success I believe. However that's my estimation, if Frey or Wiseman are lurking about I would love to hear about the origins of this man!

Until Later



shrike6 08-23-2004, 09:01 PM TR,

I'm not Frank or Loren but heres what I think. The only thing I can add about Broward canonwise is from p14 Twilight 2000 2.0. John Broward (D- Ark) is a former govenor of Arkansas who appointed himself to one of two vacant senatorial seats and was elected President by the House of Representives from the "Rump Congress".

As far as his Vice President, I know of no information canonwise on him. My thoughts on the VP are that he is a former Senator from Tennessee.

Why did some units go civgov? Broward or more likely his military command staff may have some military sway, I don't know although I feel there are other more basic reasons than that. Examples: don't want to move south to fight the Mexicans, faster promotions, deals struck with unit commander, etc. Just my two cents.


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