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Old 08-15-2009, 10:43 PM
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16 Aug 09
In Russian Tanks, the Kharkiv T-34 has been more properly designated the Morozov T-34. The Morozov T-54/55, Morozov T-62, and Morozov T-64 have been totally re-written. (Those last three took be a while!)

In Czech Assault Rifles, the VZ-58 has been updated, to include an important detail about the magazines and to include the civilian VZ-58 Military Sporter.

In International Bolt-Action Sporting Rifles, the Howa/Axiom Varminter has been added.

In US Lever-Action Rifles A-H, the Chaparral Winchester Reproductions have been added.

In US Pistols K, the Kahr P-45 has been updated to include the PM-45.

In US Revolvers - Ruger, the SP-101 has been updated to include the new .327 Federal chambering.

In US Single-Shot & Double Sporting Rifles A-D, the Charles Daly Little Sharps was added.
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