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Old 12-02-2008, 05:32 AM
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And I agree Finland would never side with the Russians! The Winter War is huge source of pride among the Finns...They fought the Russians first alone! And handed their ass's to them, then fought them again this time sided with Germany. Then they fought the Germans and beat them too.

(OT: Finland is an amazing country with some of the most beutiful women I have ever seen By the way I got my M39 sitting here right next to the Computer)

Reading these time lines made me feel a bit queezy. They are so potentially real they are frightening though I do think certain aspects need to be toned down slightly. Because if all this stuff happened at once average Joe would be really scared and would start so much domestic mahem it would affect the time line. I will re-read it again and think if I can offer some suggestions.

If you need any NPC's for your game I know one. Possibly two My best freind Sean lives in the ATL and is also a gunsmith and firearms enthusiast. Currently his wife from Sicily is about ready to have a baby. So I am considering going down there to visit them (if I can get this wisdom tooth pulled out)He also has my M1 Garand, that I need to pick up. Which is another good reason to go there. So depending on your time line of when things get hot, you got one or two well armed and somewhat trained NPC's. He and I both are High power shooters and gunsmiths by trade.

Brother in Arms

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