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Old 03-31-2016, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by unkated View Post
I post these under the best that never was: the initial tanks available (for the original nations) in the on line game World of Tanks. I know there are some players out there.

They fall under this topic because (except for the French FT-17), known of these faced actual combat.

The file includes...
  • T7 Combat Car (US)
  • T1 Light Tank (US)
  • LT-31 (Germany)
  • FT-17 (France)
  • NC-27 (Japan)
  • NC-31 (China)
  • MS-1/T-18 (USSR)
  • Vickers Medium Mk I (GB)

For each one, there is a T2K style vehicle sheet and a description of the vehicle, its development, and how reality differed from it depiction in WoT.

I did these as an exercise for the fun of it (compare these vs T2K light AFVs). Admittedly, they have little direct use in T2K...

Uncle Ted
Very cool, thank you. One minor nitpick the stats for the T7 Combat Car I think list the ammo amount for the A2E1 Vickers Medium Mk IA, as it is the same.
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