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Old 05-30-2021, 04:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Matt Wiser View Post
Just remember: if it can still kill you, it's not obsolete. A well placed 76-mm from an Easy Eight Sherman or an 85-mm from a T-34/85 can still ruin your day.
That's bit too vague for a proper definition. Can a Sherman still kill "you" personally? Yes of course. But can it fulfill the role of an MBT on a modern battlefield? Certainly not, as it was designed before the MBT role had been defined and is by now an 80 old design. That certainly makes it obsolete as a weapon on a modern battlefield. Otherwise, by your definition, sticks and stones would also still be non-obsolete weapons.

As for a Twilight 2000 setting: Well, if no-one has working tanks for dozens of kilometers than a Sherman in running condition, fueled up and stacked with ammunition is as good as it was in the 1940s. Rifles, handgrenades and automatic weapons haven't changed that much. But beware of someone pulling out a Carl Gustaf. It's from the same decade, but at 400 meters it's going to go right through that Sherman.
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