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Old 03-18-2023, 10:54 AM
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Question Village Demographics

Let's figure out the demographics of a typical Polish village, c. 2000. Why don't we make the math simple and start with a population of 100. That should make it fairly easy to upscale for larger settlements.

What would be the gender and age breakdowns (percentage wise) in said village?

I would assume that most of the male population between the ages of 18-45 would have been conscripted during the war, either into the regular armed forces or the ORMO. That would skew the male-to-female ratio to favor the latter, no?

I always assume some degree of decrease from the pre-war population as a result of the war, either due to "collateral damage" from the fighting, lack of fuel (for heating during the winter), poor medical care (due to shortages of medications, mostly), etc.

At the same time, there may have been additions to the pre-war population due to the arrival of DP's and refugees from nearby urban centers. What percentage of the village population c. 2000 would consist of DP's/refugees?

I'm working on villager archetypes. As a Ref, I've always just sort of winged it, but I'd like to begin with a more systematic approach, using village-wide demographics c. 2000 as a starting point, the ultimate goal being increased realism.

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