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Old 02-08-2010, 07:40 AM
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Default Episode 5 Summary - Underground Psychotics on the freedom train part1

After capture and the preseding escape involving killer spider-robots various mutants and other genetic experiments + a bunch of guards...

The party (without npcs) have now taken control over a secret subway "train" heading towards "SITE 2" - whatever that means...hehe

The situation i as follows.....

Ammo Low..
Health status - various - some rather dangerous wounds and other superficial, but the mental scars ar without doubt the most dangerous for the minute, some of the party has lost a lot of sanity and normal faith in humanity after the sights in site 1 (Longview Texas US)

Live Report:

Flickering lights on the semi-damage controll panell showered Mao in "disco"lights from a deranged version of a Dario Argento Movie.Sweat ran down his face and into his eyes...or was it blood. The windshield of the train-cart was damaged by the latest attacks of the creatures that brutally attacked them, the memories would haunt him forever...of this he was sure. Behind him the rest of the party was muttering,arguing,complaining and screaming at eachother.. The old man had obiously lost his mind (muttering something about the darkness ....in russian, Barnaby still holds his cool but he looked strangly pale and uncomfortable; his religious views had obviously taken a turn for the worse...a image of Chuthullu crept silently ;as a predator on the hunt; in his view and dissappared just as sudden...Was he starting to doubt his own sanity????... The retired English SAS veteran (Melchett) also looked distressed ; he mumbled something about the meds he had lost...and something about whiskey...Florentino however looked quite cool and normal for the circumstances...or was he putting on a fasade of sanity that would suddenly manifest itself in outburst of insanity and madness only time would show...The time however would maybe be closer than he thought; a new light started flickering and a screen suddenly got lit up; it seemed there was a preset stop before site 2...the endstation....Green letters flickered on the screen....."Maximum Security Prison Block 11....what did it mean? the train started moving slower and slower as the new unexpected stop got closer...In the distance they were sure they heard something like gunshots and loud violent non-human screams...

Ohh....another one of THOSE days.....

Will I ever sleep again.....
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