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Old 09-11-2014, 05:12 PM
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Default Jacksonians Encounter

Survivor Group
Type: Political
Location: 3(1), 4, 5, 7, 8, 9(2), 10 - (1) Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia; (2) Missouri
Traits: Volatile: 40% (Warriors), Extrovert: 60% (Builders), Compassion: 60% (Loyal), Discipline 70% (Energetic), Curious: 60% (Scholar)
Encounter Size: 1d3+1 (Intel Patrol), 2d4+10 (Texas Trade Caravan along “The 79” route or steamboat crew on the Lower Mississippi River and tributaries [excluding the Ohio River and tributaries])
Tech Level: D
Power/Resources: Internal combustion (diesel), steam, electricity, farming, radio, manufacturing, medicines
Weapons: Any D technology plus light amplification night vision scopes for patrols
Special Attributes: A functional, industrialized nation composed of disciplined, reverent, vigilant, and dedicated citizens protected by a well-trained and equipped army.
Trade: Exports: Canned food, medicine, steam engines, steam boilers, axles, broadcast AM receivers, phonographic technology, motion picture technology, movies, books
Imports: Ores, chemicals, food (sub-tropical and tropical), spices, herbs
Skills: Bargain, Brawl, Observe, Stealth, Drive, Firearms, First Aid, Melee Weapon, Ride, Survival, Tactics, Thrown Weapon, Explosives
Description: Intel Patrols disguise themselves as traders, mailmen, emdees, or tinkerers and typically travel by foot or horseback. Intel patrols gather general intelligence about adjacent regions, excluding the KFS, (usually within about 200 miles) of the Republic in long loop patrols transmitting short reports back to the Republic periodically. A meteorological team might travel a few hundred miles then stay in a fixed location for three to four months, transmitting short reports back to the Republic. Once informed of a replacement team they return to the Republic.
The Trade Caravans and Steamboats travel their route trading medicine, movie projectors, movies, books, phonographs and players, and radios to other communities for raw or reclaimed metals, chemicals, salt, chili peppers, spices and herbs. The Jackson Republic sells a basic movie package that includes a projector, two movies and some books. One movie is for entertainment, a comedy with a suggestive moral outcome or a parable based upon religious beliefs. The other movie is educational because it begins to show viewers how to read the accompanying books. Communities can purchase more movies from the Republic. Educational movies cost half of as much as entertainment movies but each entertainment movie includes a bonus educational movie and new books. Movie cameras and phonographic recorders are not sold but arrangements for filming re-enactments of historical events of a community (not the KFS) can be made then processed in the Republic.
Attached Images
Attached Images
File Type: pdf Encounter Write Up for Jacksonians.pdf (179.7 KB, 60 views)

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