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Old 11-18-2022, 10:42 AM
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Default US ORBAT Questions

Anyone have any info on what the *real* 5th ID looked like in 2000? The excellent Jed McClure handout lists some units that don't match the 1989 NATO ORBAT, which looks like this:

5th Infantry Division (Mechanized)
1st Brigade
1-70th Armor Battalion (M1)
3-70th Armor Battalion (M1)
1-61st Infantry Battalion (Mechanized) (M113)
2nd Brigade
3-77th Armor Battalion (M1)
2-152nd Armor Battalion (AL ARNG) (M60A3)
3-6th Infantry Battalion (Mechanized) (M113)
4-6th Infantry Battalion (Mechanized) (M113)
256th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized) (LA ARNG)
1-156th Armor Battalion (M60A3)
2-156th Infantry Battalion (Mechanized) (M113)
3-156th Infantry Battalion (Mechanized) (M113)
Troop E, 256th Cavalry Regiment
4th Brigade (Aviation)
4-12th Cavalry Regiment (19 x M60A, 32 x M113, 4 x M577, 24 Dragon, 8 x AH-1F, 12 x OH-58C, 1 x UH-1H)
1-5th Attack Helicopter Battalion (21 x AH-1F, 13 x OH-58C, 3 x UH-1H)
C Co/5th Aviation Regiment (6 x UH-1H, 6 x OH-58A, 6 x OH-58D, 3 x EH-60)
D Co/5th Aviation Regiment (15 x UH-1H)
5th Infantry Division Artillery
4-1st Field Artillery Battalion (24 x M109A3)
5-1st Field Artillery Battalion (24 x M109A3)
1-141st Field Artillery Battalion (LA ARNG) (24 x M109A2)
C Battery, 21st Field Artillery Regiment (9 x MLRS)
H Battery, 25th Field Artillery Regiment (Target Acquisition)
5th Infantry Division Support Command
7th Combat Engineer Battalion (4 x bulldozer, 8 x AVLB, 8 x CEV, 4 x M88, 12 x MAB (bridge))
1-55th Air Defense Artillery Battalion (24 x Chaparral, 24 x Vulcan SP, 60 x FIM-92 Stinger)
105th Military Intelligence Battalion (CEWI)
5th Military Police Company
45th Chemical Company

I've also found some info that shows that in 1992, at Ft Polk, there were some differences, including some units that were reflagged or shuffled between brigades.

For new TW:2K or TW:2013 games, I'd just as soon use the 1989 NATO and PACT ORBATs as the reference. Does anyone have any recommendations on something else - or can point me to a set of ORBATs from the 1999 or 2000?
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