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Old 10-02-2009, 01:14 PM
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Default Potentially useful site

I've been doing some random surfing and found a site that randomly generates junk for a Deathlands (Post Apocalyptic fun in the West) game. The site might be useful for PCs who love to scrounge.


It's not perfect for Twilight, but might spark the imagination, here's one I rolled earlier:

Name Notes Price
AWC G2 Got to love bullpups. Works fine $15 A rifle of some sort: cheap by the looks of it
Cat/Dog Food Mmmm, food! Works fine $20
Junkmail Shirt Cobbled together Needs fixing (TN: 13) $10 Leather jacket, poorly repaired Soviet Body Armour
Book, Survival Guide Battery operated Works with a reliability: 17 $100 No batteries, may be useful to PCs
Road Barricade. Light. Plastic. Orange. Works fine $400
Junker Battlesuit Steel Junker Knight! Works fine $100 US Body Armour
Pickaxe He was a miner, 49er Works fine $10
Chemical Toilet Buckets of fun Works fine $1
Electric Razor Works roughly. Ow. Needs fixing (TN: 13) $3
ScoreBoard Box Long Cable. Needs fixing (TN: 3) $1
Pinking Shears Still Sharp Works fine $15
Pile Of Gears Old tranny housing Works with a reliability: 18 $10
Garden Sprinkler Yellow whirly kind. Works fine $5
Traffic Light Glass intact. Sturdy Needs fixing (TN: 4) $3
Junkmail Suit Cobbled together Works fine $500 Webbing maybe?
Deep Freeze Still closes. Needs fixing (TN: 5) $20
Refrigerator Freon operated. Works fine $100
Junkmail Pants Cobbled together Needs fixing (TN: 13) $10 Usable clothes
Medium Battery 50 Storage Needs fixing (TN: 3) $4
Chemical Toilet Buckets of fun Works with a reliability: 16 $300

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