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Default 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Divisional Service Area

rcaf_777 08-02-2008, 08:43 PM As some of us know each US Army Division has a Divisional Service Area, and this is background for a adventure I'm working on

5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Divisional Service Area


The 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Divisional Service Area is set up in a town about 10 miles from Division's destruction. The U.S. troops are full time residents and are responsible for local security. They remain behind when the rest of division set out for the attack on WARPAC forces several km away. After the destruction of the division the service area went on full alert for possible attack. Fighting positions were constructed and bridge was prepared for demolition, and whole service area made plans for delaying action as they began to pull out. However the attack never came, what did come was small units, a squad here a platoon there. Many told stories of the forward headquarters being over run and huge tank battles. With some troops returning from the battle and many of division command staff missing, the Service Area Commander, Col John Webster decided to leave the Service Area where is was a attempt to find as much as division as he could. As combat troop's came in, they rested and refited and were sent back in all directions to find anybody they could.


The Service Area has the follow units assigned to it

* A Platoon of MP's: They perform traffic control duties and local security since the town is along the division's route of March and supply lines. They have a couple of Hummvee's and six horses

* A Platoon of Combat Engineers: They are in charge of maintaining the town's rickety bridge. They also perform local security and anti-marauder sweeps in the surrounding area.

* A Vehicle Maintenance Unit: they are in charge of recovering and repairing vehicles that break down along the highway for a few km in either direction. This unit also controls the vehicle reclamation point where salvaged vehicles are gathered inspected and either stripped of useful gear or repaired to be returned to duty.

* An Ad-Hoc AA Battery: It is made up of a single M741 Vulcan posted in the town near the bridge along with a MPADS Stinger Team and two .50 cal HMG's on tripods.

* Mortar Section: A mortar section of 3 81mm mortars to provide fire support to the garrison units.

* A Field Hospital Unit: It is set up in the town to deal with casualties from the division's attack. This unit also has a medical holding/convalescent platoon, formed of the wounded and sick too ill to go on the offensive. They perform security and work duties according to their abilities. This unit also has a property holding area where injury affects and equipment are kept

* A Civil Affairs Unit: They act as act as a liaison between the civilian inhabitants of the town and the Divisional Service Area Commander, both informing commander of the status of the civilian populace as well as effecting assistance to locals distributing directly aid and supplies.

* Ad-Hoc/Local Security Company: Composed of REMFs who don't have adequate combat skills to realistically leave the area, (Think finance, chaplains' aid, AG personnel), some of the more specialized mechanics (Patriot fire control radar tech, generator mechanic, Medical equipment repair, legal clerks) most of the time they'd be pulling guard or patrolling. This unit has about one platoon engaged in security duties while other two are working at their regular jobs.

* MP POW Cage: POW's assist in providing labour to the village and the engineers with a road gang who not only aid in maintaining the bridge but are also responsible for keeping that section of road maintained since military vehicles tend to be hard on roads. Cage would normal be full but they currently only have about 14 POW's all NCOs

* Rear Supply Unit: This unit is responsible for distribution of supplies to the division, here the divisional Quartermaster has established a small trade center like a Sutler of the Old West where the civilians who are supplying grain can get items for their goods in addition to credit.

* Refuelling Section: Under heavy guard, only military vehicles with authorization are allowed to be fuelled.

* Divisional Post Office: Holds the division̢۪s mail and red cross packages

* R&R facility, a few empty buildings with crude wooden bunks but they are safe places to sleep undisturbed, a mess hall with three meals a day and fresh bread and a recreation room to play cards and other games with a movie that is played once or twice a day, and even a sports field. There is also a canteen where you can get cigarettes and local beer and other spirits.

* The Graves Registration point and mortuary affairs station: This is where the division has set up a temporary cemetery. This unit also has a property holding area where a deceased personnel affects are kept, military equipment is return to the divisional Rear Supply Unit

* Helicopter Pad and Divisional Aviation Park: The small amount of divisional aviation fuel is stored here, the division's helicopters still fly around once and while. There are the maintenance folks and a field hangar, plus the necessary communication setup to talk to the helicopters. There are also few shot-up helicopters being canned for parts in a small bone yard.

* 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Rear Divisional Headquarters: This unit is the headquarters staff that overseas rear operations, the staff services a link to the Corps Headquarters and can also assume duties of a main headquarters should the main headquarters be lost. After the last radio message form the Division Commander, they assume operational control of remains the division.

* Communications Link: This a large antenna farm and a small satellite station that serves the rear headquarters with communications the forward units and Corps Headquarters

The Town

The town is along a major highway and has a somewhat intact bridge across a fairly wide river. The town is behind friendly lines and is part of the 11 Corps area. The locals are friendly; some farm the surrounding area for themselves and others take part in various cottage industries. (Such as laundry, uniform repair, wine making ect.) There are of course other businesses that cater to the soldiers; in the west end of the town there are a couple of small houses that make up the local Red Light District.

Current Situation

Although the area is quite the Warsaw pact could attack at any time. The A small cadre of three professionals is needed to provide training, support, and liaison services to the local militia (Around 50 able bodied, part-time militia).

I have done a NPC list, but feed back please


pmulcahy 08-02-2008, 09:18 PM That's what they call it these days? Back in my time the same place was called DISCOM (Division Support Command).

And now I'm going to hassle the crap out of the Hoff!!!!!


DeaconR 08-03-2008, 06:55 PM This is a very interesting idea, but given what's going on in the area in general, where is it exactly? And assuming that it hasn't already been overrun, have other stragglers made it back?


rcaf_777 08-03-2008, 08:17 PM This is a very interesting idea, but given what's going on in the area in general, where is it exactly? And assuming that it hasn't already been overrun, have other stragglers made it back?

You can have it set up anywhere in Poland, since there is no definite location of the 5th Infantry Division prior to it destruction or a main axis of attack or it's over all objective. At the heart of the adventure is that the Warsaw Pact forces have'nt attack them yet because they are reorganizing and try to get a clear intel picture, as are the NATO forces, not to mention fuel is now hard to come by. The stragglers that have made it back were sent back to find more troops.

In playing this your group of PC's will be a bunch of stragglers who go out a find more troops or a group that wander into the area and is given the chance to recruit and train the local militia

Some of the events I plan on writing are

A small town under Soviet Deserters control

A Group of downed aircrew

A Soviet Roadblock

Encounter with the Free Polish Legion

Rescue of the Divisional Commander and his Staff

Attack on marauders with the local militia who the PC recruits and train

A move back to Bremerhaven along the going home mod


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