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Default Strange settings

Ed the Coastie 11-06-2003, 02:24 AM What is the strangest setting that you have either used (as a GM) or played in for a T2K game?

For my "Twilight Y2K" game, I created a massive Disney-style amusement park/zoo complex in eastern Georgia. Among the theme areas were "Olde Arkham" (gothic horror), "Buzzard Gulch" (wild west), "Legends of Camelot" (cinematic fantasy), and "Visions of Tomorrow" (classic science fiction).


pmulcahy 11-06-2003, 04:40 AM That would have to be the Twilight/D&D crossover I did once -- the players actually used demolitions charges and heavy mortars on the Steading of the Hill Giant King, reducing the fortress to rubble in a matter of minutes!

As a matter of fact, they wreaked havoc wherever they went, until they ran out of ammunition...


jester770 11-06-2003, 04:55 AM A game I was working on but it only lasted a few session where the Pcs failed to stop WWIII and the Twilight wwar. All SF types, what can I say I was a young GM then.

The PCs were at ground zero at nuclear dertonation and ddid some time traveling. The game ended their but they were going to end up in another time dressed as they were when the bomb went off.

Then it was to be up to them to fight it out and make a time machine to travel and find their way home again.

Their new means of time travel was to be via Jacobs Ladder not the movie but the device. And okaty a lightening stricke ior a home made battery to get the power.


Dogger 11-13-2003, 01:43 PM I did a series of games along the same line as Paul.

I had a series of crossover games in which my T2K guys ended up fighting in the Champions (super hero) system and Battletech and Star Trek (FASA) as well as AD&D and Traveller.

It was a ten game series based on the Infinity Gauntlet comic from Marvel, each game took place in a different universe, was a lot of fun...you should have seen my PC's face's when some Mech's of Wolf's Dragoons came stomping over a hill LOL.

They also felt a bit out of place on board the starship Enterprise, but in the end they helped save the Multiverse and made it back to the messed up world of T2K with only a passing memory of what had gone on.

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