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Default Stupid player acts

Antenna 11-08-2003, 10:31 PM Well, those of you that have enjoyed T2k thru the years must have been in a session where the players/GM have done something really funny

I tell you my favorite story from fall 1999:

The players gets from Krakow to the boat and tug at the vistula river, and does a final shopping run in Krakow, they want a zodiac type vessel and a outboarder. Well, they haven't enough funding to buy a proper outboarder so they get a partly broken down one. The mechanic spends the following three days to get the machine together and when they are about to try it, I as a GM ask them, how about fuel....

Well, they have bought some rounds for their AK's and 16's and a precious AT missile and a zodiac type of vessel and a broken down outboarder.... but no fuel


pmulcahy 11-09-2003, 12:16 AM The first game I was in (before I was even in the National Guard, or had my own copy of T2K), I specified API rounds for my MP-5 submachinegun. During one part of the adventure, my character walked up to the back of a Russian truck, heard some noise, and hosed the bed with the MP-5...and ignited the dozens of crates of WP grenades in one massive burn-off. My character literally disintegrated.


Ed the Coastie 11-09-2003, 03:01 PM Recently, as a player, our group encountered a bunch of marauders/cannibals. My sometimes-sane ex-astronaut decided to distract them and lure them into an ambush. Naturally, he had neglected to inform the rest of the party about his plan, so they were as surprised as the cannibals when Zeb, jauntily whistling "The Old Fishing Hole" (the theme from "The Andy Griffith Show"), stepped out into the clearing unarmed except for a mining pick slung up over his shoulder and wearing only a leopard-print g-string, mirror-shades, and an aluminum-foil skullcap.

Fortunately, I survived that encounter.


ed 11-10-2003, 10:43 AM in a game i played in college, i had the misfortune of driving a LAV between a hellfire and its intended target. i somehow forgot the GM telling us that hellfires (at least the ones used by the other guys that were in the air) are heat-seekers.

on the plus side, it only took about half an hour to create a new PC and most of that time nothing else was going on b/c the rest of the group was still laughing at me and the other guy in the LAV...




Gryphon 11-10-2003, 11:26 AM There is always the classic when playing for the first time of dropping your Aussault rifle in front to you when running around a corner. Set on full automatic of course makes a mess of your shirt that and stings a bit.

I had to get a whole new character, the stains would not wash out apparently.

I was new to the genre coming from a FRP stylie and was not really aware of the genre....quick way to learn that.

Or here is one for the helfire hit above.

The player reaches into his holdall and drags out an RPG, to fire at the vehicle they are chasing, fired it no problem but hitting the target was hard work. Fortunately an overpass was there and the rocket hit that. Bringing the whole freeway down of course..., well you wouldn't want a rogue missile to hit something bad would you.

Or when the target faced is covered in metal plate and has just withstood a barrage from two heavy assault shotguns, and a full clip of assault rifel bullets and not gone down. What do you do, well two of you drop and cover and the third calmly reloads and tries again........to be dropped in one return shot of course.

When the same guy was in a jeep being persued by a group of biker types he climbs out the back and opens fire, no problem except at the corner, where he of course flys straight out and under the bikers wheels. Allways buckle up boys as not holding on going round a 30degree bend at 90 tends to have a negative effect on your life.

And many many more

For some reason it is so much easier to stuff up in T2000 and similar games than others more FRP based.


ReHerakhte 11-15-2003, 11:15 PM Not quite T2k but close, the very first time I used the T2k rules, it was with the Version 2.0 BYB and I was running a Merc 2000 scenario.

It was about January 1992 I think and the session was my first as a GM with any game except a few sessions of AD&D 2nd Ed that I had done in the previous year (I came into RPGs very late compared to most gamers I know, 1990 to be precise). I was running a supposedly simple "destroy the drug runners base" scenario but only had one Player at the time. It was set in the Golden Triangle region of Asia and to help out the PC there were a few NPCs who took up sniper and MG positions around the base.

The PC, whose last name was McClaren, was doing all the close in work by himself and doing a decent job of it (particularly as I didn't think killing off the PC in the very first game was good form!). At one point McClaren stealths his way up to the back of a sandbagged bunker and listens for any residents. There are a couple so he very carefully looks in, hoping they will be looking out into the jungle, and sees two badguys with a GPMG & plenty of ammo, a couple of LAW rockets, an RPG-7 with a pile of rockets lying at their feet and a couple of frag grenades lying near the gunslit.

McClaren figures the best way to take care of the badguys is with a grenade, which he does. But he decided that a frag might not do enough damage and so lobs in a White Phos grenade and promptly scrambles onto the roof of the bunker. The Player informed me that he was going to wait on the roof for the badguys to exit and he would then gun them down if they were still a threat.

So, I went over his plan with him stating quite clearly that he had just thrown a WP grenade into a bunker that had a stack of ammo and rockets lying around inside, did he still want to stay on top of the bunker? He said yes. Again I went over his plan and this time informed him that his PC would likely know that WP could possibly set off the ammo and rockets, did he still want to stay on the roof? He again said yes and added something along the lines of... "if this doesn't get them out of the bunker then nothing will"

Then suddenly it dawned on the Player that his PC was sitting atop a bunker stocked with ammo and rockets and he had just thrown in a WP grenade.

McClaren hightails it away from the bunker just before it blows and with the GPMG ammo cooking off and flying over his head he dives into a drainage ditch and gets covered in muddy water and pig droppings!




TiggerCCW UK 11-16-2003, 10:19 AM The worst example of a player mistakes I can think of probably comes from Cthulu, and is perhaps a result of a Keeper being to literal in not accepting that the players may have done things that they didn't explicitly state.

A group of cultists had been uncovered in a large house in the New England countryside (Maine I think). We had tried takeing them on, but had been beaten off. Realising that they were to strong to attack directly it was decided to sneak in and mine their basement with dynamite, which would demolish the house. We used an underground stream to get in via their well, with a case of dynamite. We then proceeded to set the charges and legged it out back through the tunnels. Unfortunately the keeper ruled that as we had not said that we were lifting the case of Dynamite we had obviously left it behind, with the result that all 100 sticks went off, instead of the eight we had planted.

On the other hand it got rid of the cultists

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