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Old 01-21-2010, 08:22 PM
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Default Crazy idea for a game

ReHerakhte 11-04-2003, 04:00 AM This was initially just a half-baked idea for a game to illustrate to my Players that not everything in the Twilight world was a case of gather more guns & ammo. Unfortunately it's unlikely that I will be running this adventure anytime soon so I thought I would throw it onto the forum for a bit of debate.

I can't recall if the idea was original or if it was inspired by something I read or saw but I thought it would show that some people in the game world had different ideas about what was a "treasure item".

So here goes...

PC group gets contacted in whatever manner seems appropriate, they're needed to guard something of great worth to a local warlord/mayor/bigshot/etc. in a region that's pretty much rundown. It's important to emphasize the lack of facilities these people have, they may have military vehicles and weapons but only a few, the local civilians & soldiers wear homemade clothes/uniforms, grow all their own food etc. there's no electricity except from generators, excavation & construction work is all done by hand due to lack of machinery and so on. There lives are difficult but not impossible.

The PC's are required to escort the item as it is transported from its collection point to its delivery point. The warlord provides his own transport & crew for the important item and a few guards but the first line of defence is the PC group. The group will be well paid etc. (in ammo, fuel alcohol, food, spare parts or whatever but nothing exceptional) so that the job is appealing and as usual it carries a reasonable risk from badguys trying to steal the 'great treasure'.

All travel is done at night for stealth reasons and the PC's are on guard well out of eyesight when the 'great treasure' is initially loaded into its transport (in my early plans, I had it transported in an M113 so as to convey the idea that it needed the protection of an armoured vehicle and the item was loaded into the M113 inside a small factory building with the PC's outside on guard - no windows let the PC's look inside etc.). The idea here is to build on the feeling that the 'great treasure/special item' is VERY important to the warlord.

As usual, there are a few incidents involving badguys, marauders, refugees etc and one in particular where the transport gets bogged and the crew are very frantic in their efforts to recover the vehicle - however they never let the PC's go into or even see into the transport (easier with an APC than say a truck where you could sneak a look under the tarp while attempting the recovery).

Finally the group gets to the warlord's bunker/domain/stronghold and everyone can finally relax after all the anxiety that typically surrounds a PC group in a game session. The crew of the transport are very happy, the warlord is very happy, the locals are all very damned happy and there is going to be a celebration involving a fair amount of the locally brewed beer and spirits. The PC's are accepted as friends of the community and they finally get to see what all their suffering & worry was for... the transport vehicle had every nook and cranny stuffed with rolls of toilet paper.




TiggerCCW UK 11-04-2003, 05:13 AM Nice idea. I like throwing my players a curve ball as well. I had a DC game where I gave them lots of tabloid information about an alleged werewolf killing people in the forests of New Hampshire. They got tooled up with lots of silver bullets, made silver daggers out of silver letter openers, the whole heap. They got up there and discovered that it was in fact a bear.

Next time they get told about a werewolf they might not react in the same way, but there is always the chance that it will be a real were...


Ed the Coastie 11-06-2003, 01:59 AM My players have gotten used to the concept that there is ALWAYS something out of the ordinary in my adventures. For example, I nearly always have Cthulhu cultists making an appearance somewhere in my campaigns, regardless of genre, even if the Great Old Ones themselves never actually appear.

One adventure that comes immediately to mind involved the PCs hunting down vampires who had a pet fire-breathing dragon. The "vampires" in question happened to be a tribe of cannibals with a neo-goth vampire fetish, while the "dragon" was a custom-painted Moller M400 with a flamethrower jury-rigged into a chin mount.

The Cthulhu reference? The vampires were lairing in "Olde Arkham", the gothic horror section of a nearby amusement park.


pmulcahy 11-06-2003, 04:45 AM Perhaps the strangest encounter my players have ever had (in the T2K world, anyway -- there was the T2K/D&D crossover) was the tribe of Neanderthals they ran into in the Alps. And I mean real Neanderthals, not just a bunch of savages or dements that were derisively called Neanderthals. This was soon after I read the Clan of the Cave Bear series.


pmulcahy 11-06-2003, 04:49 AM Originally posted by ReHerakhte

the transport vehicle had every nook and cranny stuffed with rolls of toilet paper.



Toilet paper is worth it's weight in gold to any soldier!

Seriously, there are good reasons not to wipe with leaves, bark, corn cobs, etc. They tend to spread germs, disease, parasites, and microorganisms. Leaves are especially guilty in this regard. And god help you if you can't identify poison oak/ivy/sumac!


Ed the Coastie 11-06-2003, 12:57 PM Toilet paper isn't the only thing worth its weight in gold...

We once fought our way into well-defended slaver stronghold and back out again simply to rescue a kidnapped dentist.

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