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Old 09-10-2008, 04:12 AM
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Default ReCap of last FTF

General Pain 05-27-2008, 02:05 AM HQ can do this more detailed

Basically we ended up doing a bogus mission for an australian doctor who probably works for MILGOV or some kind of Illuminatis....anyway we started the session beeing chased by 2 MILGOV ships and we were hopelessly undergunned....our captain airmarshal willis, changed course and we lost our opponents in a storm...we entered an island were we met the australian doctor he told us that a friend of his were stranded on an island not far from where we were....we took a rib out to the island:

General Pain,General Sanchez,Fieldmarshal DeCorba,Dr Phil (NPC) and Amber and Susan ,2 of General Sanchez' Prostitute commandos...(NPC). and Partyboy our smallboat expert (NPC) we entered the jungle covered island with sanchez as scout and DeCorba as artillery (last in line) after some scouting we were attacked by a large group of raving lunatics - after spending huge amounts of ammo and using melee weapons in the end we managed to kill every last one of them with the loss of some npcs.....we later found out that the australian doctor had cameras in the forest and probably was checking us out in a boat offshore.. He was working on the Paxylon Project ...a different strand of the virus/bacteria? but just as insane and deadly as the one we encountered in Rapid City (USA) some years earlier...The Paxylon Project is a Milgov sponsored research project designed to calm the recipient (pax = latin for peace) but it seems that it usually or often has the opposite effect....Perhaps it's this they want???? ...Anyway the mission ended in Manila...


TiggerCCW UK 05-27-2008, 02:28 AM Sounds like an interesting session! Lots happening, forbidding jungles, crazy 'natives', prostitutes - sounds like the game has it all

Amber and Susan ,2 of General Sanchez' Prostitute commandos...

I'd love to see the cap badge for that unit!!


pmulcahy 05-27-2008, 10:27 AM Sort of reminds me of The Zone books; some of the local prostitutes in one of the books had a mobile whorehouse -- a BTR-50 painted in bright pink!

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