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Old 04-01-2021, 12:15 PM
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Default Rough sketch Prime Base

So, I did a rough sketch of my version of Prime. Level 1 is the ground floor, slightly higher than the canyon floor outside, to help prevent flooding (just in case, even though it's a desert). During the Grand Deception, everything but Ops, Life 1, Support, and Food 1 were blocked off and hidden. Anything important from those areas was hidden in open areas of Core, and the offices trashed/burned, with records obviously destroyed (actually hidden).

Entry is from the base of the bluff, and the facility is disguised as an abandoned industrial/toxic waste processing facility/Superfund site, built into what was once a mine for lithium, mercury, uranium, and lead. Basically, the company that owned the processing facility went belly up after a bunch of lawsuits (filed by Morrow lawyers on behalf of Project members), and the Company that got the facility in the bankruptcy declared the whole thing a loss.

Millions went in to securing the waste already on site, to prevent contamination of local aquifers (and huge truckloads of supplies). The whole place was backfilled and plugged, then fenced with lots of warnings. This original deception is responsible for Prime's later access to highly radioactive sludge. It was placed there as part of the waste facility cover story.

Prime was where the CoT and a number of Project dependents were to be kept safe during the war. The post-war management team is also frozen on site, along with a large contingent of Frozen Watch, who would be dispersed as needed once Recon teams had assessed their AoEs. Materials for rebuilding and recovery were also stored for such dispersal, with Prime acting as a large Regional Supply Base for the area.

Lots of recreational facilities were provided, as the place is supposed to stay buttoned up for at least 3-5 years, and might have to stay that way longer, depending on conditions. Underground hydro/aquaponics (Food 1 and Food 2) were expected to produce a surplus once they were operating at full capacity, with processed foods being shipped out as needed.

The site is also used for cryo suspension of Project personnel found medically unfit for field duty, usually due to post-recruitment injuries. Also stored here are people who were mentally or emotionally unfit for field teams, or those who became aware of the Project, but were unsuitable for recruitment. These cryonauts were to be released into recovered areas that the Project had stabilized. Obviously, this never happened.

And yes, there is a Phoenix team. Unlike the team described in the Prime Base module, these guys are simply a highly-trained MARS team, made up of Special Forces vets, to be used to counter unusual threats and to perform hostage rescue of high value targets. The base commander had thought of waking them for the rescue operation that eventually doomed Prime Base, but did not feel he had time to wait for them to thaw and reach operational status.

Anyway, let me know what you think. This is all very rough, and I'm always working on it in an effort to improve that whole thing.
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