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Old 03-10-2022, 05:36 PM
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Default 4e Soviet Unit Location Differences from v1 and v2

Mapping out the changes in 4e and I figured I'd share them here. From the original T2k versions, the following Soviet divisions were in Poland:
  • 43rd Cav
  • 96th Cav
  • 89th Cav
  • 21st Motorized Rifle
  • 20th Tank
  • 124th Motorized Rifle
  • 127th Cav
  • 129th Motorized Rifle
  • 12th Guards Tank
  • 9th Guards Tank
  • 11th Guards Tank
  • 25th Tank
  • 1st Tank
  • 39th Guards Motorized Rifle
  • 20th Guards Cav
  • 131st Motorized Rifle

In 4e, this has been reduced to the following in Poland (though who knows, maybe there's a lot more Soviets in Poland that simply aren't listed in the 4e Ref Manual...). These units from the old T2k versions are still listed as being in Poland:
  • 20th Tank
  • 12th Guards Tank
  • 9th Guards Tank - Mislabeled in 4e as the 9th Tank Division
  • 11th Guards Tank - Mislabeled in 4e as the 11th Tank Division
  • 39th Guards Motorized Rifle

While these ones seem to be brand new to the Soviet OrBat in Poland specifically for 4e:
  • 10th Guards Tank
  • 27th Guards Motorized Rifle
  • 57th Guards Motorized Rifle
  • 79th Guards Tank
  • 7th Guards Tank
  • 47th Guards Tank

In Sweden, you see the following Soviet divisions for the first time:
  • 1st Guards Motorized Rifle - Originally in Western Russia
  • 76th Air Assault - Originally in Leningrad and also originally listed as the 76th Airborne.
  • 131st Motorized Rifle - Originally in Poland. Now renamed the 131st Pechenga Motorized Rifle Division.
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