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Old 03-15-2010, 02:01 AM
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Default revised US 3rd Army orbat


revised US 3rd Army orbat


I figured since Antenna was revising the rest of the Middle East. I'd present my take on a revised American/Allied Middle East contigent. Note: I replaced all the Israeli and Jordanian units with US and Egyptian Units.

US Third Army, HQ: Bushehr, Iran
--Egyptian 4th Armored Division (2,500 men, 24 M1A1s): Basra, Iraq
--Egyptian 1st Ranger Regiment (900 men): Bandar-e-Khomeyni, Iran
--US 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment (Motorized) (1000 men, 18 M8 AGS, 10 AH-1Vs): Bandar-e-Deylam, Iran

*US XVIII Airborne Corps, HQ: Bandar-e-Khomeyni, Iran
--US 101st Air Assault Division (4000 men, 4 AH-64s, 12 UH-60s): Behbehan, Iran
--US 82nd Airborne Division (3000 men, 12 M8 AGS): Bandar-e-Khomeyni, Iran
--US 9th Infantry Division (Motorized) (3000 men, 12 M8 AGS): Bushehr, Iran
--US 6th Air Cavalry Combat Brigade (1100 men, 6 OH-58s, 12 AH-64s) Boratin, Iran

*US I Amphibious Corps, HQ: Bandar Abbas, Iran
--US 1st Marine Division (3000 men, 16 M1A1s): Bandar-e-Lengeh, Iran
--US 3rd Marine Division (4000 men, 12 M1A1s): vcty Bandar Abbas, Iran
--US 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) (4000 men, 18 M1A2s): vcty Bandar Abbas, Iran

*British Middle East Field Force, HQ: Al Manaman, Bahrain
--UK 25th Infantry Brigade, HQ: Al Manaman, Bahrain
----1/6th Queen Elizabeth's Own Gurhka Rifles (400 men): Kazerun, Iran
----1/7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurhka Rifles (450 men): Bandar Abbas, Iran
----1/King's Own Scottish Borderer's (450 men): Al Manaman, Bahrain
----3/The Parachute Regiment (300 men): Dharain, Saudi Arabia
----42 Commando, Royal Marines (300 Men): Bandar Abbas, Iran
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