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Default New Canadian Orbat


New Canadian Orbat


This is partly from working with material on another site, the challenge article and my own thoughts. Since my game is set on the Atlantic Coast I did this area first.

Maritime Command (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, southern Quebec)

- Combat Training Center Gagetown (CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick)
4th Air Defence Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (ADATS, GDF 005) (CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick)
4th Engineer Support Regiment (CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick)
33rd Medical Platoon (CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick)

- 37th Brigade Group, (Moncton, New Brunswick)
2/Queen's Own Rifles of Canada: 550 men (Fredericton, NB).
1/Princess of Wales' Own Regiment (M): 300 men (Bathurst, NB).
1/Royal New Brunswick Regiment (M, E): 300 men (Moncton, NB).
8th Canadian Hussars, Princess Louise’s (M, E): 350 men (Edmunston, NB).
2/Royal Canadian Regiment: 300 cavalry (Sherbrooke, Quebec).
1/Canadian Airborne Regiment (E, P): 300 men (Gaspe, Quebec).
3/Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (M, E): 400 men (Rimouski, Quebec).
3rd Field Regiment (The Loyal Company), Royal Canadian Artillery (Reserve) (105 FH) (200) (St John, New Brunswick)
31st Service Battalion (700)

- 36th Canadian Brigade Group (Wolfville, Nova Scotia)
Prince Edward Island Regiment (Reserve) (Armoured Reconnaissance - Cougar) (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, 400 men)
1/Royal 22e Regiment (M, E, F): 250 men (New Glasgow, NS).
1/Queen's Own Rifles of Canada: 300 men (Sydney, NS)
1st Battalion, Nova Scotia Highlanders (North) (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Truro, Nova Scotia) (350)
West Nova Scotia Regiment (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Aldershot, Nova Scotia) (500)
84 Independent Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery (Reserve) (250) (105 FH) (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia)
45th Field Engineer Squadron (Reserve) (500) (Sydney, Nova Scotia)
35th (Sydney) Service Battalion (Reserve) (600) (Sydney, Nova Scotia)
35th (Sydney) Medical Company (Reserve) (150) (Sydney, Nova Scotia)
1/Newfoundland Regiment of Foot: 350 men (Gander, NFLD).
2/Royal Newfoundland Regiment: 350 men (Cornerbrook, NFLD).

Canadian Air Command (Maritimes)

- 5th Air Wing (Goose Bay, Labrador)

Canadian Deployed Operating Base (command unit, auxiliary units, security)
444th Combat Support Squadron, Canadian Air Command (4 CH-146. Note: this is basically a Canadian version of the UH-1 modified for search and rescue purposes) (Search and Rescue) (Goose Bay, Labrador)
German Air Force Tactical Training Support Squadron (40 troops, as well as 3 Tornados) (Goose Bay, Labrador)
RAF Group (This is a unit that trains for low level flying in conditions similar to those of parts of the Soviet Union.)
(100 troops, 2 C-130, 1 Nimrod, 1 Lynx) (Goose Bay, Labrador)

9th Air Wing (Gander, Newfoundland)
103rd Search and Rescue Squadron (50 personnel, 4 C-149 SAR helicopters)(Gander, NFLD)
(also maintains intelligence, base, signals and radar units)

14th Wing (Greenwood, Nova Scotia)
415th Squadron (1 CP-140 Aurora early warning system aircraft, 1 CP-140 Arcturus early warning system aircraft, 2 C-149 SAR helicopters. Note: while the Aurora is roughly equivalent to a US Viking it is grounded due to need for repairs and electronics replacements)
434th Squadron (a training aircraft unit, which has 1 Canadair Challenger which it maintains now as a transport)

Canadian Naval Maritime Command

HMCS Ville de Quebec (Halifax class destroyer, rarely moving due to need to perserve fuel, but the main backbone of the local Canadian fleet. Note that two other Canadian destroyers are operating with the American Atlantic fleet currently but may return to their home port at some point.)
HMCS Windsor (ex upholder class submarine, currently undergoing repairs in Nova Scotia)
HMCS Preserver (support ship)
HMCS Goose Bay (Canadian maritime patrol craft)
HMCS Shawinigan (Canadian maritime patrol craft)
HMCS Moncton (Canadian maritime patrol craft) (note: check out the website if interested in stats) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingston_class_patrol_vessel

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Part I:
Front de Liberation de Quebec

Aided by French forces based out of Ste Pierre et Miquelon, Quebec is the ground of a bitter civil war. There have for the longest time been those Quebecois who believe in serving the nation of Canada, those who believe in a purely Quebecois patriotism and those who are the neutral ones for a number of reasons. Quebec society has changed somewhat over the years. Immigration, dwindling faith in the Roman Catholic Church had challenged traditional values. However, disasters and an apocalyptic war have drawn many back to their roots. It was unfortunate or fortunate depending upon perspective that a surviving leader of the Bloc Quebecois, Sebastien Hebert, determined to win a free Quebec, responded with paranoia when martial law was declared. "This is like the War Measures Act of the 1970s all over again!" he shouted. He called upon 'loyal Quebecois soldiers' to serve their proper nation and resist the Federal orders. Initially Hebert was arrested by the RCMP but was later freed during a riot when some of the French speaking troops assisted the mob.

East Quebec Order of Battle: (for area adjacent to the Maritimes only)
35e Groupe-Brigade de Quebec(Reserve) (Alma, Quebec)

Sherbrooke Hussars (Reserve) (Armoured - Cougar) (Chicoutimi, Quebec) (300)
12e Régiment Blindé du Canada (Milice) (Reserve) (Armoured - Cougar) (Trois-Rivières, Quebec) (350) (renamed ...du Quebec Libre)
Le Régiment de la Chaudière (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Lévis, Quebec) (120)
Le Régiment du Saguenay (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Jonquière, Quebec) (450)
Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Mont Ste Hilaire, Quebec) (450)
6e Régiment de Campagne, Royal Artillerie du Canada (Reserve) (105 FH?) (Lavis, Quebec) (200) (renamed Artillerie du Quebec Libre)
62e Régiment de Campagne, Royal Artillerie du Canada (Reserve) (105 FH?) (Shawinigan, Quebec) (200) (renamed Artillerie du Quebec Libre)
58e Batterie d'Artillerie Antiaérienne (Reserve) (Javelin) (Alma, Quebec) (300)
10e Régiment de Génie de Campagne (Reserve) (Alma, Quebec) (100)
55e Batallion des Services (Québec) (Reserve) (Alma, Quebec)
52e Compagnie Médical (Sherbrooke) (Reserve) (Mont Ste Hilaire, Quebec)
55e Compagnie Médical (Québec) (Reserve) (Alma, Quebec)

Task Force Chateauguay:
Les Voltigeurs de Québec (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Approaching Goose Bay, Labrador) (300)
Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Churchill Falls, Labrador) (450)


Naval Forces:
Frigates Dupleix and Montcalm
Tanker Durance

Ground Forces:
Forces d'Expedition au Canada de la France (Isle de l'Anticost)
2nd Foreign Legion Mechanized Regiment (500 troops, AMX-10)
6th Engineer Regiment (400 troops)
11th Marine Artillery Regiment (105mm howitzer)
7th Combat Helicopter Regiment (8 Puma, 4 Gazelle)

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Deacon, a few quick questions.

In the the NATO vehicle Guide (1st ed), It states that 1/Royal 22e Regiment and 1/Canadian Airborne Regiment are part of the 4th Mech Bde? What units are you using to replace them or are you or is this taking place a few years in the future like 2003 or something?

444th Squadron was the air element of the 4th Mech Brigade and equipt with CH-136 (OH-58) Kiowas, are you striking the 4th Mech Brigade in your history then or are you replacing the 444th with a fictional squadron or no replacement at all?
True peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of justice.

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Thanks for the question, I guess I should add that.

In my campaign history the 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade was withdrawn from Northern Europe in the same operation as my players were along with British Royal Marines and American troops who were taking part in a coastal operation. Following their return to Canada the brigade, which was reduced in strength anyway, was broken up and units were reassigned to bolster the strength of the brigade groups. During the year following 444th Squadron was reassigned to SAR duty and re-equipped. I should have added this, you are quite right.

However, an alternative would be to switch around other units that would be assigned to the 4th Brigade, or to simply put other units with the Maritime Command.


Rainbow Six

Looks good...thanks for posting this...

Rainbow Six


Looks good then, Deacon, keep up the good work
True peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of justice.



Princess Louise Fusiliers (Res. Light Infantry)?
The Fusilier



Unfortunately that unit was decimated when Halifax was hit by a nuke. (In my campaign)




One of the numerous cell groups founded by Carl Hughes' followers was the North Woods Rangers, based out of Maine. It recruited largely from those disgruntled persons who had a grudge against many authorities ranging from the Supreme Court (governed by the UN in secret, of course) the UN itself, NATO (bringing foreign troops to American soil, an obvious sinister plot) and everything else in government, clearly run by zionists and freemasons. Once getting past a form of entrance exam, this organization, married ideologically to the author of the Turner Diaries, would bring them further into the secret fold of New America.

On the surface, they were doing very well as New American cells went. First of all, they had infiltrated important local businesses, police units and very significantly the nuclear power plant. Furthermore, they had purchased property in which to cache arms, survival gear of various kinds and food.

In Canada resentment over the Gun Registry Act bought more recruits. The cell in fact was in both the State of Maine and the Province of New Brunswick, and would attempt to spawn a new "Free" state when disaster left a vacuum of power. Indeed, they would have been as successful as the New Americans in Idaho or Florida but for the response of the Canadian Government. Ironically this had nothing to do with defeating New America, of which the Canadians had only recently heard. It was simply that the Canadians began to send out reserve units to re open communications and supply lines.

New American OOB

Column 25, New American Army

Security Force 6 (350) (Wiscasset, Maine) (guarding civilian New Americans who are getting the power plant back on line)
Liberation Force 3 (200) (St. Stephen, NB. This is a raiding force which is mostly made up of Canadian members, attempting to rally local support)
Liberation Force 1 (500) (Currently occupying Bangor, which is otherwise in a state of anarchy)
Liberation Force 2 (250) (Ellsworth, Maine, and Orono, Maine)

Squadron 8, New American Navy

This is a somewhat pretentious title for what really amounts to an armed harbour tug and seven armed speedboats. They currently patrol around Bar Harbour, Maine, up to Wiscasset.



Land Forces Central Area

This command was severely hit. With Toronto and Ottawa devastated by strikes, three major commands were wiped out in a day. It took a while before things were properly reorganized. Futhermore, the largest population in Canada was no small thing to take into account. The new HQ of the Land Forces Central Area is in London, Ontario. Not only do they have to deal with constant blows to logistics and organization, but also refugees and the Front de Liberation de Quebec. However the front in Ontario is less active. There are more raids and more probes, since in many ways survival is really the paramount thing for both sides.

Command Units:

3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (This is a long range recon and patrol unit mostly operating in Northern Ontario and sometimes across borders in either direction. It is mostly made up of Cree and Objibway. It had a long standing youth program and currently has about 200 teenagers being trained on base and another 50 being trained in the field on lighter missions. They are the governments only contact in some ways in the more remote parts of the Provinces) (500 troops plus 250 trainees)

2nd Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (CFB Petawawa, Ontario)

2nd CMBG Headquarters & Signals Squadron (CFB Petawawa, Ontario) (100 troops)
Royal Canadian Dragoons (Armoured Reconnaissance - Coyote) (CFB Petawawa, Ontario) (200 troops)
1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment (Mechanized Infantry - Grizzly) (CFB Petawawa, Ontario) (300 troops)
3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment (Light Infantry) (CFB Petawawa, Ontario) (400 troops)
2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (M109A4 SPH, LG1 Mk II FH) (CFB Petawawa, Ontario) (250 troops)
1st Air Defence Regiment (Lanark and Renfrew Scottish) (Reserve) (Javelin) (Pembroke, Ontario) (150 troops)
2nd Combat Engineer Regiment (CFB Petawawa, Ontario) (350 troops)
2nd Service Battalion (CFB Petawawa, Ontario) (500 troops)
2nd Field Ambulance (CFB Petawawa, Ontario) (200 medical personnel)
2nd Military Police Platoon (CFB Petawawa, Ontario) (30 troops)

31st Canadian Brigade Group (London, Ontario)
First Hussars (Reserve) (Armoured - Cougar) (London, Ontario) (600 troops)
(*Note that this Squadron of Armored Cavalry was reinforced by small groups from other units which were destroyed in the nuclear exchange. However, only two companies have Cougars, while the rest are equipped with whatever civilian or soft skinned military vehicles they could get. )
Lincoln and Welland Regiment (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (St Catherines, Ontario) (300 troops)
4th Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (London, Ontario) (400 troops)
Highland Fusiliers of Canada (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Cambridge, Ontario) (250 troops)
11th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (Reserve) (105 FH) (Guelph, Ontario) (200 troops)
56th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (Reserve) (105 FH) (Brantford, Ontario) (300 troops)
31st Combat Engineer Regiment (The Elgins) (Reserve) (St Thomas, Ontario) (250 troops)
21st (Windsor) Service Battalion (Reserve) (London, Ontario) (100 troops)

32nd Canadian Brigade Group (Reserve) (Brampton, Ontario)
(as can be seen, this brigade group was devasted by the nuclear attack, with over two thirds of its troops based around Toronto. A number of the reservists, possibly chosing their families' safety over national service, simply never showed up)
Grey and Simcoe Foresters (Reserve) (Owen Sound, Ontario) (250 troops)
Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment) (Reserve) (Brampton, Ontario) (300 troops)
25th Military Police Platoon (Reserve) (North York, Ontario) (20 troops)

33rd Canadian Brigade Group (Reserve) (Kingston, Ontario)

Ontario Regiment (Reserve) (Armoured - Cougar) (Oshawa, Ontario) (300 troops)
Princess of Wales Own Regiment (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Kingston, Ontario) (400 troops)
Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Belleville, Ontario) (250 troops)
Brockville Rifles (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Brockville, Ontario) (200 troops)
Stromont, Dundas, and Glengarry Highlanders (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Cornwall, Ontario) (350 troops)
Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Cornwall, Ontario) (150 troops)
2nd Battalion, Irish Regiment of Canada (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Sudburt, Ontario) (400 troops)
49th (Sault Ste. Marie) Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (Reserve) (105 FH) (Sault Ste Marie, Ontario) (250 troops)
26th Service Battalion (Reserve) (North Bay, Ontario) (700 troops)

(Note: Air unit and naval unit additions to follow later along with the Front de LIberation de Quebec's Western units)



Originally Posted by DeaconR
Unfortunately that unit was decimated when Halifax was hit by a nuke. (In my campaign)

arrrr... impossible! Such a terrible thing simply could not happen.
The Fusilier



interesting stuff, Deacon

just a few questions.

Are Canadian milita units, with proper support, capable of operating overseas? I quess I could expand on "proper support" as having the necessary cross attachments and fill ins to bring them up to strength. I understand that in the real world, many Canadian regiments are regiments in name only and missing companies and other subunits.

Or are they intended for home defense only?

2nd question, for the group,

<<Once getting past a form of entrance exam, this organization, married ideologically to the author of the Turner Diaries, would bring them further into the secret fold of New America.>>

Has anyone here read the Turner Diaries?



Originally Posted by boogiedowndonovan
Are Canadian milita units, with proper support, capable of operating overseas? I quess I could expand on "proper support" as having the necessary cross attachments and fill ins to bring them up to strength. I understand that in the real world, many Canadian regiments are regiments in name only and missing companies and other subunits.
Or are they intended for home defense only?

In the years of the Twilight timeline Canadian militia units would not be necessarily capable of operations overseas (as a unit). With the high mobility battlefields of Europe they lack armour, and heavy weapontry (The Princess Louise Fusilies Regiment for example is the only infantry regiment out of about 50 or so that still have their 81mm mortar platoon). I guess some units could do well in Norway though. For the most part I see them as sending cadres to reinforce existing regular units like 4 and 5 Mech Brigades which are deplyed there. This is how they operate now by supporting the UN operations. The role of the units would also be internal security back home, and training more cadres from new inductees. Some units however 'could' be sent as complete units, but these would be rare and generally not infantry (unless for Norway). For this I suppose artilllery regiments with their towed 105mm and some of the armoured recce units could go (utilizing cougar, lynx, and iltis jeeps).

<<Has anyone here read the Turner Diaries?>>

I have a ways back. I was able to aquire a copy free online. Question? or just converation?
The Fusilier



I've read the Turner Diaries. Interesting though disturbing. I second what fusilier said btw.

I also would agree with his view on that, and I do intend to put together a write up on how units' TO&E would go. What I will probably do is something similar to the UK writeup in "Survivor's Guide to the UK", basically adding designations for light infantry, mechanized infantry and so on.

Thanks for asking that, that helps me to figure out what areas need attention.




Quebec is a divided province. Some units, particularly of regulars, have remained loyal to Canada while others have not. The order of battle below reflects this.

Loyalist Order of Battle:
Secteur du Québec de la Force Terrestre (Land Forces Quebec Area) (originally Montreal, then relocated and established at Valcartier)

5e Groupe-Brigade Mécanisé du Canada (BFC Valcartier, Quebec)
5e GBMC Headquarters & Signals Squadron (BFC Valcartier, Quebec) (200 troops)
12e Régiment Blinde du Canada (Armoured Reconnaissance - Coyote) (BFC Valcartier, Quebec) (350 troops)
3e Bataillon, Royal 22e Régiment (Mechanized Infantry - Grizzly) (BFC Valcartier, Quebec) (400 troops)
5e Military Police Platoon (BFC Valcartier, Quebec) (35 troops)
Royal Montreal Regiment (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Valcartier, Quebec) (250 troops)

34e Groupe-Brigade du Canada (Reserve) (Hull, Quebec)

Le Régiment de Hull (Reserve) (Armoured - Lynx) (Hull, Quebec) (350 troops)
4e Batallion, Royal 22e Régiment (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Laval, Quebec) (400 troops)
6e Batallion, Royal 22e Régiment (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (St-Hyacinthe, Quebec) (100 troops)
Royal Montreal Regiment (Reserve) (Light Infantry) (Westmount, Quebec) (250 troops)
3e Régiment de Génie de Campagne (Reserve) (Westmount, Quebec) (400 troops)
9e Escadron de Génie de Campagne (Engineer) (Reserve) (Noranda, Quebec) (450 troops)
51e Batallion des Services (St Hubert) (Reserve) (St Hubert, Quebec) (700 troops)

425th Fighter Squadron (2 CF-18)
439th Combat Support Squadron (2 CH-146)
3rd Air Maintenance Squadron (made up of mechanics, electronics specialists and other support services personnel as well as a small group of air cadets who were stranded during an exercise)
12th Radar Squadron (This unit makes use of microwave technology, radar and radio communications)

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Good work, keep it up. Couple of questions though...

Royal Montreal Regiment was a predominantly English speaking unit, based in generally pro-federation Montreal... would you still have them as siding with the separation movement?

2nd... the LAVIII didn't come into use until 1999, long after the Twilight nuke exchange.
The Fusilier



Thanks very much for pointing those out, I had the feeling I'd missed something. Need to do a bit of editing.
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