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Default revised US 3rd Army orbat

Matt Wiser



Here's a repost of the RDF Air revised OB I did for the old forum: as always, comments are very welcome.

Carrier Air Wing 10 (CVW-10) Sheikh Isa AB, Bahrain
VF-191: 4x F-14D
VF-194: 4X F-14D (TARPS)
VFA-161: 4x F/A-18C
VFA-163: 4x F/A-18C
VA-155: 4x A-6F/2x KA-6D
VS-35: 4x S-3B
VAW-111: 2x E-2C
VQ-5 det 3: 2x ES-3A
VRC-50 det 4: 1x C-2A, 1x US-3A
HS-16: 3x SH-60F, 2x HH-60H
USNAVAIRCENT: Sheikh Isa AB, Bahrain
VP-45: 4x P-3C
VR-22: 2x C-130F, 2x KC-130F
VQ-1 det 1: 2x EP-3E
HC-4: 4x CH-53E
HM-14: 4x MH-53E (minesweeping)
HCS-5 det 2: 4x HH-60H
HC-2 det 2: 2x SH-3G
USS Clark: HSL-74 det 2: 1x SH-2F
USS Boone: HSL-36 det 5: 1x SH-2F
USS Copeland: HSL-94 det 2: 1x SH-2F
USS Yorktown: HSL-44 det 6: 1x SH-60B
USS Nashville: HC-8 det 1: 3x CH-46
1st Marine Air Wing: Bandar Abbas AB, Iran
VMFA-232: 4x F/A-18C
VMA-214: 4x AV-8B(NA)
VMA-513: 4x AV-8B+
VMFA(AW)-242: 4x F/A-18D
VMGR-452: 3x KC-130T, 2x C-130T
HMLA-169: 6x AH-1W, 2x UH-1N
HMLA-367: 4x AH-1W, 3x UH-1N
VHMM-164: 6x MV-22A
HMH-465: 6x CH-53E
US 9th Air Force (USAFCENT): HQ Dhahran RSAFB, SA
1st TFW: 22, 71,94 TFS: 10/2x F-15C/D, Dhahran
4th TFW: 335, 336 TFS: 10x F-15E, Bushehr AB, Iran
78th TFW(CP): Omidyeh AB, Iran
150 TFG (NMANG): 4/2 A-7D/K
110 TFG (MIANG): 6x A-10A
185 TFG (IAAANG): 7/1 F-16C/D
117 TRW (ALANG): 4x RF-4C, Dhahran
317 TAW, Dhahran:39, 40 TAS 6x C-130H; 357th TAS, 4x C-130H,
32 ARS: 3x KC-10A, Dhahran
964 AWACS: 4x E-3C, Dhahran
129 Rescue Wing (CAANG): 2x HC-130N, 4x MH-60G
16 SOW det Dhahran: 2x AC-130U, 2x MC-130H, 2x HC-130P, 2x MH-53J Pave Low, 2x MH-60G

RAF: Royal Air Force Middle East: Muharraq IAP, Bahrain
29 Squadron: 4x Tornado F.3
45 Squadron: 4x Tornado GR.1
54 Squadron: 4x Jaguar GR.1
(SAR and Tanking from USAF)
Royal Navy:
HMS Glasgow: 815 Squadron det C: 1x Lynx HMA Mk.8
HMS Beaver: 815 Squadron det F: 1x Lynx HMA Mk.8
HMS Campbeltown: 815 Squadron det J: 1x Lynx HMA Mk.8

France: Middle East Aviation Group: Kuwait IAP, Kuwait:
EC 1/5: 16x Mirage 2000B/C
EC 2/5: 16x Mirage 2000C
EC 2/92: 16 Mirage 2000N
ET 1/61: 8x Transall C-160
ERV 1/93: 4x KC-135FR
Aeronavale: Charles De Gaulle Carrier Group:
Flotille 12F: 10x Rafale M
Flotille 17F: 10x Super Etendard M
Flotille 4F: 2x E-2C

Royal Saudi Air Force: Dhahran RSAFB, SA
7 Squadron: 12x Tornado IDS
13 Squadron: 12x F-15C/D
29 Squadron: 12x Tornado ADV
34 Squadron: 12x F-15C/D
66 Squdron: 12x Tornado IDS(R)
83 Squadron: 12x Tornado IDS
Royal Saudi Land Forces Army Aviation Group: King Khalid Military City, SA: 8x AH-64A, 6x UH-60A-1, 8 Bell 406CS
Royal Saudi Naval Forces Aviation: Al Jubyal NAS:
25x AS 565A/MA Panther, 12x AS 532SC/UC Cougar

Iran: Iranian People's Air Force: Shiraz AB/IAP, Iran
71 TFS: 4x F-5E, 2x F-5F
33 TFS: 6x F-4E
83 TFS: 4x F-14A
306 TFS: 6x F-4D Peace Enforcer
11 TRS: 3x RF-4E
72 TS: 3x C-130H
Iranian Army Aviation Group: Shiraz
4x AH-1W, 6x UH-60A, 4x CH-47C, 8x Bell 214

Israel: Omidyeh AB, Iran
149 Squadron: 10x Kifr C-7
253 Squadron: 10x F-16A/B
113 Squadron det: 6x AH-64A
124 Squadron det: 6x UH-60A

Kuwait: Kuwaiti Air Force:
Al Jaber AB: 9,25 Squadrons: 24x F/A-18C/D
Al Salim AB: 18,61 Squadrons: 18x Mirage F-1CK
33 Squadron: 12x AH-64A

Jordan: Royal Jordanian Air Force: Basra IAP, Iraq:
25 Squadron: 10x F-16A/B
12 Squadron: 8x AH-1W

Bahrain: Bahrain Emiri Air Force: Sheikh Isa AB:
1 FS: 8x F-16C/D
6 FS: 6x F-5E/F
7 AHS: 6x AH-1W

Qatar: Qatar Emiri Air Force: Al Udaid AB:
7 Squadron: 12x Mirage 2000-5EDA/DDA
11 Squadron: 12x Alpha Jet

United Arab Emirates Air Force:
Al Dhafra AB:
2 Squadron: 8x Mirage 2000RAD
3 Squadron: 16x AH-64A
Sharjah AB:
1 Squadron: 20x Mirage 2000EAD

Matt Wiser

Matt Wiser

Some notes


CVW-10 was embarked aboard USS Independence (CV-62) when the carrier was hit by a Type-65 torpedo from a Sierra-class SSN and made port in Muscat, Oman. The ship was subsequently damaged by BACKFIRE-launched AS-4 and is not currently seaworthy.
HSL dets had two aircraft-but canned one of each for parts.
Other line squdrons have more aircraft (usually 25-30%), but these are airframes canned for parts. (usually due to unrepairable battle damage)
Iranian AF had aircraft airborne when the Soviet airborne hit Bushehr and Bandar Abbas. The aircraft shown recovered at Shiraz, Saudi, or Bahrain.
Those countries still flying French aircraft and helos are still at or near full strength. They still get parts support from Dassault and Eurocopter with the full backing of the French govt.
Royal Navy's helos are in the same fix as the USN's.
USN Helo outfits make regular dets aboard USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3). VMA-214 and -513 rotate two-ship Harrier dets to the LHA as well.
VF-194 and RSAF 66 Squadron have recon pods for their aircraft and trained aircrews for recon
RSAF, Kuwait, and UAE flew combat missions against Soviet forces beginning Spring-Summer 1997. Bahrain and Qatar flew defensive-only CAP
The EP-3s are CENTCOM's only Electronic Recon aircraft.
E-2 and E-3s are all tied in to the Air Defense Center at Dhahran
One E-3 is airborne at all times. E-2s sit alert in daytime and fly at night.
Saudi E-3s still fly from Prince Sultan AB SE of Riyadh.

Matt Wiser

Matt Wiser

Some other notes


129 Rescue Wing has HQ at Dhahran, but has rotating dets to Bushehr and Omidyeh. USN HCS det and HS-16 HH-60s runs CSAR for USMC and rotates to Bandar Abbas from Bahrain.
16 SOW det reports to SOCCENT for tasking, but is available for CSAR if necessary.
ES-3s backup the EP-3s, but also accompany strikes if necessary for ELINT/COMINT support.
Sheikh Isa informally known as NAS Bahrain by the USN personnel stationed there.
Only ship in 5th FLT not assigned a helo det is USS Salem (CA-139).
Bandar Abbas AB also known as MCAS Bandar Abbas by the Marines of 1 MAW

Matt Wiser




That's some level of detail you've got their Matt. Good work. I've got some questions though

What happened to all the Saudi F-5s? Also, given the different world situation, couldn't the Saudis have ordered F-16s to replace their F-5s? I'd assume that the F-15S order was taken over by the USAF.

What about Oman and their Jaguars?


Matt Wiser

The Saudi F-5s aren't represented at Dhahran. They are all at either Tabuk, Taif, or Khamis Mushayt. F-15S order was not taken over by USAF-Saudi being a key ally the order kept going. Two squadrons known-55 and 92. 55's at Khamis Mushayt, 92 at Prince Sultan AB (Al Kharj). One or two of the F-5 squadrons MAY have converted to the F-15S, but info is lacking. F-16 order may still go IRL.
Omani Jaguars are based at Thumarit. One squadron (8). The other Jag squadron (6) converted to Hawk 103/203 at Masirah Island AB. Jags flew some CAS during the US landings at Bandar Abbas and supported the Iranian Army's retaking of Chah Bahar in 1997. Hawks were involved also. CVW-10 was based at Muscat-Seeb after the Independence was torpedoed. Moved to Sheikh Isa in 1998.

Matt Wiser

Matt Wiser

Forgot this squadron from CVW-10:
VAQ-143: 2x EA-6B

This is CENTCOM's only EW squadron.

Matt Wiser


What about a Soviet Air Force Orbat? And Soviet allied forces in the area?


Matt Wiser

Working on it, Real life permitting. Soviet AF and Syrian, and Iraqi AFs will be included.

Matt Wiser


For some reason The system is not allowing me to start a new thread, but here is a question. What happened to all the old or spare aircraft stored out at Davis- Monthan? How difficult would it be to place some of these planes abck into service?


Matt Wiser

It depends on the aircraft type, but generally it takes a week of work to in- and out- process an aircraft from AMARC. In T2K one can assume that F-4s, A-6Es, A-7D/E/K, early F-14,-15,-16 and C-130s, along with AH-1s and UH-1s would be going out pretty fast.
This is not just for export to countries like South Korea, Turkey, Iran, etc, but for attrition replacement and to form new squadrons. In the latter case, it would take 6-12 months from activation to being considered combat-ready. While the AF,Navy, and Marines would not be flying Phantoms, the ROKs, Turks, Iranians, West Germans, and RAF would still be flying F-4s. Replacement airframes and parts already scavenged would be on their way in a short time. As was mentioned in the Sino-Soviet War thread, A-7s, A-4s, and F-4s would be also headed to the PRC. (Not even reserve units in the US still fly the former two aircraft, so they would be snapped up quickly by the PRC's purchasing commision)

Matt Wiser


Do they still have the old F-105, F-106,F-111 series stored out there. I remember seeing on someones site that they had pulled 100 F-105s out and placed them out of service. And a quick question regarding placing A4,s A7s, and F4s back in service. Would retired pilots be brought back into service that had flown these a/c? There had to be tons of these guys that had flown these planes in reserve or ANG units in the mid 90s. All those guys that fly commercial jets that are retired military pilots, are they liable to be called back up? Just curious.



Forgot to ask. Is there any websites that would list what aircraft a currently in storage?



AMARC inventory


The official AMARC inventory was taken offline after 9/11.

However, this site should answer some of your questions about AMARC.

This site seems to have a more complete inventory than the above.


Send a private message to James1978

Matt Wiser

The F-105s have long been either scrapped or sent to museums. F-106s are being converted to target drones for missile shoots. F-111s are still in AMARC as war reserve and for Australia (the only current operator).Reserve and ANG pilots with A-4, A-6, A-7 and F-4 time would be in demand initially as instructors for foreign operators-for example, the PRC pilots who are chosen for A-4 and A-7s would be trained by USN and MC reservists-the last USMC A-4s didn't go until 1997 IRL, and A-7 guys in the Navy and ANG would be around to act as instructors. ANG and AFRES F-4s didn't go until 1995 IRL, but in T2K there would still be units flying those aircraft (no drawdown, remember). A-6s would still be a USN only aircraft, as it was never exported. And Grummann would be busy with A-6F (new production) and F-14D (new production and rebuilds from As), but would the A-6E be released for export to the PRC? Possible on a lend-lease arrangement. They would be better off with F-15Es from McAir or Tornados from BAE.

Matt Wiser


Like those sites James..

I think the C141s and Warthogs would be amoung the first A/C to be rolled back off the mothballs. Esp the Hogs.. just my opinion though.. and there are drivers in the reserves etc that would LOVE to get back in the HOG..


Matt Wiser

Here's the Soviet AF and their Syrian and Iraqi allies


As requested, here's the Soviet AF and their Syrian and Iraqi Allies:

Soviet Transcaucus Air Force: HQ Kirovabad, USSR

34th Air Army: HQ Tehran-Doshen Toppeh AB, Iran

176th GIAP: Mehrabad AB, Tehran: 8x MiG-29 Fulcrum-C
960th IAP: Tabriz AB: 6x MiG-29 Fulcrum-C
343rd IAP: Hamadan AB: 6x MiG-29 Fulcrum-C

43rd BAP: Hamadan AB: 8x Su-24M Fencer-D
166th BAP: Tabriz AB: 4x Su-24M Fencer-D
976th BAP: Mehrabad AB: 8x Su-24M Fencer-D

16th ShAP: Mehrabad AB: 8x Su-25 Frogfoot
368th ShAP: Manzayreh AB: 4x Su-25 Frogfoot
461st ShAP: Hamadan AB: 6x Su-25 Frogfoot

882nd ORAP: Mehrabad AB: 4x Su-24MR Fencer-E

PVO(Air Defense Force): Baku Air Defense District:Gyazandha, USSR

209th IAP: Gyazandha AB, USSR: 10x Su-27 Flanker
562nd IAP: Kirovabad AB, USSR: 12x Su-27 Flanker
180th GIAP: Tiblisi-North AB USSR: 10x MiG-31 Foxhound-A

VTA (Military Transport Aviation): under 34th Air Army

129th VTAP: Mehrabad AB: 6x Il-76M Candid
86th VTAP: Detachments at each Soviet AB: 14x An-26 Curl

GIAP: Guards Interceptor Aviation Regiment
IAP: Intereceptor Aviation Regiment
BAP: Bomber Aviation Regiment
ShAP: Ground Attack Aviation Regiment
ORAP: Independent Recon Aviation Squadron
VTAP: Transport Aviation Regiment

Iraqi Air Force: HQ Baghdad-Muthenna AB, Iraq

6 Squadron: Habbiniyah AB, Iraq: 6x MiG-29 Fulcrum-A
4 Squadron: Saddam IAP, Iraq: 4x MiG-29 Fulcrum-A
73 Squadron: Habbiniyah AB: 4x MiG-23MF Flogger
109 Squadron: Baghdad/Al-Rashid AB: 6x Su-25K Frogfoot
8 Squadron: Al-Taqaddium AB: 6x Su-24MK Fencer-D
18 Squadron: Talil AB: 5x Su-24MK Fencer
84 Squadron: Salman Pak AB: 4x MiG-23MF Flogger
79 Squadron: Talil AB: 6x Mirage F-1EQ-5
111 Squadron: Jalilabah AB: 8x Mirage F-1EQ-6
1 Squadron: Talil AB: 4x MiG-25PDS Foxbat-E
17 Squadron: Habbiniyah AB: 4x MiG-25RB Foxbat-D
5 Squadron: Al-Bakir AB: 8x Su-22M-4 Fitter
44 Squadron: Al-Bakir AB: 6x Su-22M-4 Fitter
33 Squadron: Saddam IAP: 4x Il-76MD Candid
36 Squadron: Al-Rashid AB: 4x An-26 Curl

Iraqi Army Aviation: Al-Rashid AB, Baghdad

6th Assault Helicopter Squadron: 8x Mi-24 Hind-E
10th Assault Helicopter Squadron: 6x Mi-24 Hind-D
15th Transport Squadron: 8x Mi-17 Hip
55th Transport Squadron: 6x Mi-8 Hip (Both can double as gunships if needed)

Syrian Air Force: Under Syrian IV Corps HQ: All units at Talil AB, Iraq

699 Squadron: 4x MiG-29 Fulcrum-A
695 Squadron: 6x MiG-23BN Flogger
827 Squadron: 8x Su-22M-4 Fitter
819 Squadron: 4x Su-24MK Fencer-D
766 Squadron: 8x Mi-24 Hind-D

Matt Wiser

Evil Game Master

Royal Saudi AirForce
Would have round 16 F-5E(17SQD), 40 C-130(1,4,16SQD), 8 KC-130(32SQD), 5 E-3A+8 KE3-A(18SQD) Prewar(95) strength

Jordan AirForce
F-16A/B is attached to 2nd and 6th SQDs at Al Azraq (but only the 2nd SQD would be active
6th SQD got their F-16s 1997 in the real world)
37 x F-5E/F is attached to 9th and 17th SQds at Al Jafr/Al Safawi
4 x C-130H 3 SQD at Amman-Marka (with other aircrafts and helos)

SOURCE : http://www.scramble.nl/

My 2 ├Âre




Additional AIR ORBAT for Israel


Hatzor AFB
101 Sqn$ 9 x F-16C/D "The First Fighter Squadron"
105 Sqn$ 6 x F-16C/D "The Scorpion Squadron"
144 Sqn 5 x Kfir C.7 "The Guardians of the Arava Squadron"
149 (R) Sqn 8 x Kfir C.7 (Located at Omidyeh AB, Iran) "?"

Nevatim AFB
104 Sqn 8 x F-16A/B "?"
132 (R) Sqn 7 x Kfir C.7 "?"
251 (R) Sqn 3 x Kfir RC.2, 3 x Kfir RC.2 "?"
Ground Attack
115 Sqn 9 x F-16A/B "The Flying Dragon Squadron"
116 Sqn 7 x F-16A/B "The Defenders of the South Squadron"

Ramat David AFB
109 Sqn 9 x F-16C/D "The Valley Squadron"
110 Sqn 12 x F-16C/D "The Knights of the North Squadron"
117 Sqn 11 x F-16C/D "The First Jet Squadron"
Attack Helicopter
190 Sqn 7 x AH-64A "The Magic Touch Squadron"

140 Sqn 8 x F-16A/B "The Golden Eagle Squadron"
147 Sqn 8 x F-16A/B "?"
253 Sqn 10 x F-16A/B (Located at Omidyeh AB, Iran) "The Negev Squadron"
Misc. duties
146 (R) Sqn Samson/Delilah UAVs "?"

Tel Nov AFB
69 Sqn 6 x F-4E "The Hammers Squadron"
119 Sqn 3 x F-4E-2000, 3 RF-4E "The Bat Squadron"
201 Sqn 5 x RF-4E-2000 "The One Squadron"
Air Superiority
106 Sqn 13 x F-15C/D "The Spear's Point Squadron"
133 Sqn 11 x F-15A/B "The Twin Tail Squadron"
148 (R) 9 x Sqn F-15A/B "?"
Assault Helicopter
114 Sqn 8 x CH-53 "The Night Leaders Squadron"
118 Sqn 7 x CH-53 "The First Yassur Squadron"
Test and Evaluation
601 Sqn various aircraft "Flight Test Centre"
Flying Training
505 Sqn microlights/sailplanes "?"

107 (R) Sqn 4 x F-4E-2000 "The Lion Head Squadron"
142 (R) Sqn 4 x F-4E-2000 "?"
Ground Attack
102 (R) Sqn 7 x A-4N "The Flying Tiger Squadron"
141 (R) Sqn 8 x A-4N "The Goring Deer Squadron"
Transport/SAR Helicopter
123 Sqn 12 x Agusta-Bell 212 "The Desert Birds Squadron"
Flying Training
130 (R) Sqn& 12 x AB206 "?"
162 (R) Sqn& 11 x H500MD "?"
247 (R) Sqn& 2 x RC-12 "?"
252 (R) Sqn& 15 x TA-4H/J "Flying School - Advanced Fighter Squadron"
FTS 50 x CM-170/ 4 x PA-18
Misc. duties
155 Sqn Samson/Delilah UAVs "?"

143 (R) 6 x Sqn Kfir C.2 "The Smashing Parrot Squadron"
Ground Attack
137 (R) 6 x Sqn A-4H/N "?"
145 (R) 8 x Sqn A-4H/N "?"
202 (R) 9 x Sqn A-4H/N "?"

Attack Helicopter
113 Sqn 6 x AH-64A (Located at Omidyeh AB, Iran) "The Wasp Squadron"
127 Sqn 9 x AH-64A "?"

Attack Helicopter
160 Sqn 12 x AH-1F/S "The Northern Cobra Squadron"
161 Sqn 10 x AH-1F/S "The Southern Cobra Squadron"
Transport/SAR Helicopter
124 Sqn 6 x UH-60A (Located at Omidyeh AB, Iran) "The Rotating Swords Squadron"
193 Sqn 4 x HH-65A "The Shield of the West Squadron"
Test and Evaluation
151 Sqn various missiles
Misc. duties
194 Sqn Firebee/Teledyne 324 UAVs "?"
200 Sqn Scout/Hunter/Searcher UAVs "The UAV Squadron"

Sde Dov
Electronic Warfare
191 Sqn 3 x RC-12D/4 x King Air 200 "?"
100 Sqn 2 x Cessna U206G/TB 20 "The Flying Camel Squadron"
125 Sqn 11 x AB 206B/Bell 206L "The Light Helicopter Squadron"
128 Sqn 2 x Beech U-21 "?"
129 Sqn 2 x Cessna U206G/TB 20 "?"
135 Sqn 8 x Do 28B "The Light Transportation Squadron"

Ben Gurion-Lod IAP
Electronic Warfare
134 Sqn 4 x Boeing 707-ELINT "?"
103 Sqn 5 x C-130 "The Flying Elephant Squadron"
120 Sqn 2 x C/RC-47 "The International Squadron"
122 Sqn 3 x Boeing 707/2 x KC-707 "The Dakota Squadron"
126 Sqn 4 x Arava 202/102 "?"
131 Sqn 6 x C-130 "The Yellow Bird Squadron"
Maritime Patrol
195 Sqn 3 x Seascan "Maritime Surveillance Flight"

Sde Kedem
Flying Training
FTS det. 14 x PA-18

Flying Training
505 Sqn det. microlights/sailplanes "?"

Ein Shemer
Flying Training
505 Sqn det. microlights/sailplanes "?"

Sedof Mikha
Misc. duties
150 Sqn Jericho IRBM "?"
199 Sqn Jericho IRBM "?"
248 Sqn Jericho IRBM "?"

(R) = Reserve unit (part-time personnel)
$ = Primary role SEAD ('Wild Weasel')
* = Reforming
& = Wartime shadow identity
FTS = Flying Training School



Matt Wiser

Antenna: regarding your IDF/AF orbat: in 1995 #69 Squadron (the Hammers) converted from the F-4E to the F-15I. 25 aircraft sold to Israel, call about half operational, the rest either lost or some canned for parts. 69 is strongly rumored to be the IDF/AF's nuclear strike unit (the F-15I is the Israeli version of the F-15E), and their F-4s were also rumored to be nuclear-capable-the weapons are supposedly similar to the B-57 (10 to 20 Kt) and the B-61 (low Kt up to 500 Kt). The Israelis have never admitted being a nuclear power, but they've never denied it either....Everyone knows they have the bomb-question in T2K is: Did they demonstrate their capability? The Syrians, Iraqis, and Libyans (along with the Soviets-the Jericho IIs could reach the southern USSR) are obvious targets.
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