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Old 11-29-2020, 09:39 AM
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Default Bell Aerospace Canada Voyageur

I did not know this hovercraft even existed. Supposedly the first 2 "might" have been built from some savaged SK-5 hovercraft.

Basically it is a cargo version of the SK-5 hovercraft.

If you search for "CCG Voyageur" you will come up with some interesting articles on it.

It most defiantly is a very good candidate for TMP.


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Old 11-29-2020, 12:53 PM
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The US Navy still uses a variant of this called the The LACV-30 (Lighter Air Cushion Vehicle, 30 tons)

The LACV-30 was derived from the civilian Bell Voyageur air-cushion vehicle (hovercraft).


On a side note the Canadian Cost Guard still uses Hovercraft for sea search rescue. They currently have three AP1-88 ACV AP1-88 Air Cushion Vehicle

CCGS Mamilossa
CCGS Moytel
CCGS Siyay

An additional Type 400 was also in service CCGH Penac which served in the Coat Guard from 1984-2017
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Old 11-29-2020, 03:09 PM
nduffy nduffy is offline
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I could see a few of these being in the Northern regions of the US and even an MP Canadian/ Alaskan team. They do make great search and rescue vehicles and for coastal areas. The weight capacity is just right for a decent amount of supplies or even getting recon teams land vehicles to and fro. Don't see them being used in swampy terrain though because of possible skirt damage but I could be wrong.
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Old 11-29-2020, 03:35 PM
nduffy nduffy is offline
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I can also see the MP owning a few small to medium civilian landing craft for use in areas with lots of water ways. See them on TV being frequently used in Alaska. Although they have a limited haul capacity they non the less are an asset to anyone who owns one.
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Old 11-30-2020, 04:49 AM
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Another article on the Voyageur but with some interesting images including one with a Bell Jet Ranger on the deck: -

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