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Default Laying down with wolves.

Major Petrofski of the Russian 3'rd Border Guards looked up as his lead Sargeant came into his tent with a confused look on his face.

"Yes, what is it?" he said.

God, he thought to himself, is this the best that our mighty Motherland has to offer, as his gaze wondered up and

down the tattered Russian sargeant.

"Comrade Major! He is here! He is outside the west gate with a white flag and wants to talk to you!!"

Sargeant Nickolai was excited and yet bewildered. The man they nicknamed the Winterwolf and whom they had chased

halfway across what remained of Hungary was now in their grasp.

************************************************** ************************************************** **************

"So let me get this right... you want to stop running and join the mighty Russian army ... as private mercenary

soldiers...under MY command. I point you at my enemy and let you loose... and I reap all the benefits. In return

you just want food and shelter and a sense of being?" Major Petrofski was intrigued.

"Why fight it", I replied with vigor, "we could go on for months and for what? More death and destruction. You are

using up your food and precious ammo - and men and for what? Did they promise you a promotion and a dacha by a lake

for my capture. Look around you Major. There are no more promotions! No more Dacha! What we do have are our

men, our wits and our will to survive. I am sick of living on the run. I was born in a country that no longer

exist and yet I still follow the orders of its "Best" military minds. NO MORE! From what I see.. you are my

greatest hope to survive in this hell."

Major Petrofski looked over at his Sargeant.

"Well Nickolai, what do you think of Captain Everest's idea?"

"Major! It is a betrayal of everything we have worked for. The Motherland has been good to us through these trying

times. End it now Major. Shoot him. Or let me have the honor of eradicating this enemy of the State!"

Major Petrofski gave a heavy sigh.

"Yes Sargeant. You are right. Our enemies must be destroyed to make us stronger."

With that he took out his pistol and shot Nickolai in the forehead.

"And old ideologies make you the worse kind of enemy my friend! Its time to seize the moment and live for

ourselves. Welcome Captain - you are the first recruit of Petrofski's Private Army!"

Laughing I whipped out my special gift... a bottle of pre-war merlot and we celebrated the start of our new life.
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