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Old 03-10-2019, 12:35 PM
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Default Movies - Reality

Last night I watched "The Expendables 1" and thought about it in RPG terms, including T2K.

And please, dont take it too seriously.

I know that the assault shotgun scene is way over top and that the scene where Toll Road is shot in the back is (according to the rules of T2k 2.2) legit as armor 1 vs gun with damage 1 and penetration nil makes (two shots) two points blunt damage.

But then I had this totally crazy idea to replay the end battle scene with T2k rules.
But as my own gun experience is way old (the only way to use a gun in Germany is if you are either in the military and that is for me about 30 years in the past or if you are well connected.) I have some questions.
Is it really possible to fire the M16 like Statham did? He stayed in cover and held only the rifle in the door opening and fired on full auto. And his forearms were at a 90 degree angle to the firing line. Yes, I remember that a M16 has less recoil than a G3, but still...

Waht about recoil of pistols? When I fired the P38 the first time after the shot my upper arms were still parallel to the ground, my fore arms were pointing 45 degrees up and the gun was aiming vertical up. My grip was right hand holding the gun and left hand around the right wrist joint (That how we were taugt to do it). When I went to youtube I saw a guy firing the same gun and the barrel moved only about 3 or four inches up.
What about firing two pistols at the same time?

Armor: Ok, I mentioned Toll Road earlier, but if I remember Terminator 2 There was the scene were Sarah Conner puts some flak vests over John and even though he is hit by the T1000 he is not hurt.

So, what would happen, if my charakter in T2k 2.2. would find 4 flak vests of different sizes and put them on? I found no rule that forbids it.
In Shadowrun 5 if you wear 2+ armor sets only one counts or if you wear a combination you get only a small bonus. Example: jacket armor value 7 and coat AV 9 then you have to choose either AV 7 or 9 not both. (So the bullet penetrates the coat but then enters warpspace and bypasses the jacket). A combination with jacket av 7 and coat 9/+3 would give you the choice between the jacket alone av7, the coat alone av9 or both av 7+3=10

In Cyberpunk 2020 you can wear as many as you like - provided you pay the consequences.

In T2k it is just roll to hit and maybe cover saves you but in Shadowrun there are much more combat options.

So, my question: Did anybody of you ever had the same idea of "Lets play this movie!" and how many turns would our heroes survive???

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Old 03-10-2019, 09:09 PM
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For recoil of pistols check out this YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzHG-ibZaKM, for the most part shooting two pistols at once is a HollyWood thing, as all you really do is miss a lot with one of them. The human eye can only focus on one thing at a time. If you are shooting both at the same target you will do much better than if you are doing the holloywood thing of one gun each hand and each pointing to one side.

As for the body armor it is kind of hard to say, yes more is better but it does not always make a difference. For example if you have a level IIIA vest and you put a second level IIIA vest that does not make it a level III vest. If you are wearing the two level IIIA vests and are shot by just about any rifle it will go through them like they were not there.
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