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Old 04-27-2018, 10:18 AM
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Default Campaign logs for the first two meetings of the NoVA T2k Group

So here is the story thus far:

Our heroes began in a wooded area not far from Kalisz. Our PCs consisted of a Engineering Major, Frederick Hasse, Morgan Cole, our team sniper, and Alex Roth, a SP4 and Cav Scout with some gunsmithing experience.

The first session had them blundering around Kalisz. They ran into some hostile refugees that tried to rob them and turn them into the Soviets for a bounty, then it was a few close dodges with some Soviet patrols, including one convoy where Cole picked off the convoy commander. They also took an EPW named Fedor, who is slowly becoming part of the group (He's a Belorussian Jew who has decided the Soviet Army sucks on ice.) They also have a cat, whose name is...unprintable.

Last session, Cole and Hasse's players could not make it, and we had a couple of new players, including a Polish ZOMO officer, and one of the other players filled in for Hasse. The players have already managed to piss off the Markgraf, and have used AK-74s as currency all over town, not to mention gained the notice of EVERYONE looking for the Madonna. (This caused a tense moment between the PCs, as the ZOMO officer sees her duty as recovering the Madonna for the rightful government).

Yes, more is to come, and the PCs are making the right calls, well mostly. And they are in a bit over their heads..but I can definitely fit in 2-3 more players. We have a PC joining the party soon, a female Navy Corpsman, because the PCs definitely need medical care (Hesse got shot session, happily it was a graze).

More to come soon!
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