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Old 03-15-2010, 01:57 AM
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Default Royal Danish OOB 1 Jan 1997


Royal Danish OOB 1 Jan 1997


Continuing with My Modified OOBs for the start of the War in Europe.
Attached Files Royal Danish Army.doc (21.5 KB, 49 views)

Cold Blue Steel - the spirit of the bayonet



Nice job. In fact I'd wondered what became of the Zealand Brigades but my players didn't really spend much time in Scandinavia apart from the "Boomer" adventure. (somewhat to my disappointment, oh well)



Personally I like Chico's repost of HolgerDanske's 1989 Danish orbat. I owe you for saving that one and all the other orbats you saved when the orbat.com message board ehen the hackers hit.


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I was just tired of finding useful information on the internet one day and then three days later not remembering where it was and not being able to find it anymore. So I started saving it on my hard drive. It just happened to be dumb luck when the hackers hit orbat.com...
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