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Default Escape from Kalisz: Adventure Handout #2


G2, 5ID(M)
120545 Jun 2005

ANNEX A (Enemy Dispositions) to INTELLIGENCE ESTIMATE NO 142
References: Per para 1, Intel Est 142

1. Three major groupings of Warsaw Pact forces have been identified in Poland. These are, from north to south, Baltic Front, 1st Western Front, and 2d Western Front. Together with Central Front in Czechoslovakia, these three fronts comprise the Western Strategic Direction (Western T.V.D.) of the Warsaw Pact, the headquarters of which is believed to be located in Lublin.

2. The recent offensive of German 3d Army has caused considerable losses in the Baltic Front grouping, and thus the strengths listed can no longer be considered accurate.

3. While the front has been quiet in the areas of 1st and 2d West Front, it is likely that some reserve formations have been detached from these groupings and have been shifted north to deal with the German Third Army breakthrough. Fuel shortages are likely to prevent the rapid completion of this redeployment.

4. The following abbreviations are used in this annex:
TD: Tank Division
GTD: Guards Tank Division
MRD: Motorized Rifle Division
GMRD: Guards Motorized Rifle Division
MarDiv: Marine Division
BGB: Border Guard Brigade
Unit identifications followed by (C) indicate units which are assessed as having been converted entirely to horsed cavalry.

NORTHERN POLAND: Baltic Front HQ: Malbork

1st Polish Army, HQ: Gdynia
Pol. 2nd MRD(C) (500 men): Wicko
Pol. 3rd MRD(C) (2,000 men): Lebork
Pol. 9th MRD (3,000 men, 10 tanks): Koscierzyna
Pol. 12th MRD(C) (2,000 men): Starogard
Pol. 19th MRD(C) (500 men): Malbork
Pol. 3 BGB (500 men): Gdynia
Pol. 12th BGB (500 men): Dabrowka

2nd Polish Army, HQ: Pita
Pol. 1st MRD (4,000 men, 20 tanks): Pita
Pol. 7th MarDiv (500 men): Czarnkow
Pol. 13th MRD(C) (1,000 men): Jastrowie
Pol. 4th BGB(C) (400 men): Chodziez
Pol. 5th BGB (500 men): Wronki

WEST CENTRAL POLAND: 1st Western Front, HQ: Poznan

1st Soviet Guards Tank Army, HQ: Gorzow Wielkop
Sov. 9th GTD (4,000 men, 25 tanks): Swiecko
Sov. llth GTD (500 men, 5 tanks): Sulechow
Sov. 25th TD (1,000 men, 5 tanks): Swiebodzin
Sov. 1st TD (3,000 men, 10 tanks): Rzepin

1st Polish Tank Army, HQ: Poznan
Pol. 5th TD (4,000 men, 35 tanks): Lwowek
Pol. 10th TD (2,000 men, 25 tanks): Steszew
Pol. 17th MRD(C) (3,000 men): Smigiel
Pol. 8th BGB (500 men): Poznan
Pol. 7th BGB (1,000 men): Kornik

8th Soviet Guards Army HQ: Gorlitz, Germany
Sov. 131st MRD (2,000 men, 15 tanks): Skwierzyna
Sov. 20th GMRD(C) (1,000 men): Miedyrzecz
Sov. 39th GMRD (3,000 men, 25 tanks): Kostrzyn


SOUTHWEST POLAND: 2nd West Front HQ: Legnica

2nd Soviet Guards Army, HQ: Gorlitz, Germany
Sov. 94th GMRD(C) (500 men): Swiebodzin
Sov. 21st GMRD (1,000 men, 5 tanks): Bautzen, Germany
Sov. 103rd MRD (4,000 men, 30 tanks): Cottbus, Germany
Sov. 117th MRD(C) (100 men): Gorlitz, Germany
Sov. 157th MRD (1,000 men, 5 tanks): Hoverswerda, Germany

20th Soviet Guards Army HQ: Gubin
Sov. 132nd MRD(C) (3,000 men): Peitz, Germany
Sov. 12th GMRD (4,000 men, 30 tanks): Gubin
3rd Soviet Shock Army HQ: Legnica
Sov. 12th GTD (2,000 men, 20 tanks): Legnica
Sov. 129th MRD (3,000 men, 5 tanks): Jelenia Gora
Sov. 127th MRD(C) (2,000 men): Glogow

Interior Forces:
Pol. 6th BGB (500 men): Lodz
Pol. llth BGB(C) (500 men): Lublin


Polish 14th MRD: Last reported strength 2,000 men and 5 operational tanks. Commanding officer (Col. Julian Filipowicz) is believed to have refused orders to join forces moving against the allied concentration on the Baltic coast, and to have set up a semi-independent region in the vicinity of HLiwice. Agents attempting to open relations with him have not returned, and he must be assumed to be hostile to all parties to the war.

Polish 1st Free Legion (formerly 1st Border Guard Brigade): Last reported strength 600 men. Actively supports the Polish Government in exile, and has on occasion cooperated with DIA intelligance operations. Commanded by a former sergeant (S. I. Mastelarz). Radio contact recently lost with this unit. Believed to be operating in the area between Poznan and Glogow.

Polish 2nd Free Legion (formerly 10th Border Guard Brigade): Last reported strength 200 men. Commanded by Major M. K. Sikorski. Actively supports the Polish Government in exile and has engaged in extensive guerrilla attacks against Soviet troop convoys. Believed now to be operating in the area between Chojnice and Malbork.

Polish 8th Motorized Division: Last reported strength 2,000 men. Previously served as garrison of the city of Krakow. When Krakow Declared itself a free city, the division apparently did not leave the city and is presumed to form the cadre of the city's defensive force, which the former division commander, Major General Zygmunt Bohusz-Szyszko, may now be commanding.

Soviet 10th Guards Tank division: Last reported strength 1,000 men and six operational tanks. Unit has nominally defected, but current attitude of unit and exact nature of command structure not known. There have been reports of contacts between senior officers of the unit and the CIA. Believed to be in the vicinity of Warsaw.

Soviet 6th Guards Motorized Rifle Division: Last reported strength 2,000 men and 10 operational tanks. Commanding officer Colonel Ya. N. Chekanov. An outstanding combat unit, three months ago the unit withdrew from the lines in the area between Frankfurt and Gorlitz, apparently without orders, and has not answered numerous radio communications from Warsaw Pact command.Current location and disposition unknown.

Soviet 9th Tank Division: Last reported strength 2,000 men. Unit mutinied in September of 1999 and later disintegrated into smaller bands of armed marauders, now believed to infest the area between Lodz and Czestochowa.

Soviet 207th Motorized Rifle Division: Last reported strength 600 men. Attached to Polish 1st Army but sustained serious losses in the attacks by German 3rd Army. Believed to have disintegrated, and bands of deserters may now infest the area between Pila and Bydgoszcz, the last reported position of the division.


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