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Old 01-03-2018, 06:36 PM
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Default The Life Expectancy Of A Track

My most recent game session has brought something into focus that I had been meaning to bring up with the Forum for some time. As you know, I'm a trucker and as such, I am VERY familiar with the life expectancy of both heavy and light vehicle tires. I have set the wear values on heavy ROAD tires at 20,000 Kms per 1 Wear Value (for a maximum range to BALD tires of 200,000km) and heavy OFF-ROAD tires at 10,000 Km per 1 Wear Value (for a maximum range to BALD tires of 100,000 km for the softer durometer off-road tires).

The problem I'm having is how to rate TRACKS by Wear Value. I have seen claims that say some tracks wear out in just 10,000 km where others can go 50,000km before needing replacement. I have some experience with the M110 series and the M113 chassis as well. A lifespan of 50,000km sticks in my mind but this does seem a bit high.

I'd appreciate the input of the Tankers here in our forum.
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