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Old 10-14-2020, 11:23 AM
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Lots of gunnery range and training footage pretending to be WW3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=famepKDTiDQ
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Old 10-15-2020, 12:19 AM
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Just stumbled across this lovely little story. Can definitely see a number of similar units being formed as the war progresses. https://youtu.be/Lp9KAFLQJ1A
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Old 10-17-2020, 06:16 PM
swaghauler swaghauler is offline
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Just did some of my recerts for Act 235 (armed security) and ACT 120 (municipal LE). We were taught this cool carry technique and who is in the video we watched before our practice? None other than Mr. Willis from History's Forged In Fire! This is a technique that can allow you to pick up a disabled comrade SOLO!


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Old 10-31-2020, 02:57 PM
swaghauler swaghauler is offline
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Default Happy Halloween Videos

Happy Halloween everyone! Happy Birthday, Targan!

Here are some veteran-produced videos for the holiday...


This one's for you Leg... it has a flamethrower kill in it!


This one's for you Targan because of [not possessed] Heather and an A10 kill.


I finally got the links to work. In my defense, I was being harassed by a distraught 4-year-old who was threatening to hold his breath until he passed out if he didn't get candy! He's currently laying on the floor with eyes closed because I don't negotiate with terrorists...

... I'm admittedly a product of '80s parenting where we were given a bicycle and a buck knife and told "You're on your own until the streetlights come on!"



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Old 11-01-2020, 06:03 AM
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Originally Posted by swaghauler View Post
Happy Halloween everyone! Happy Birthday, Targan!
"It is better to be feared than loved" - Nicolo Machiavelli
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Old 11-02-2020, 08:53 AM
dragoon500ly dragoon500ly is offline
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Not to forget Ian's Forgotten Weapons, and Steve's MRE Review!
The reason that the American Army does so well in wartime, is that war is chaos, and the American Army practices chaos on a daily basis.
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Old 12-24-2020, 09:53 PM
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One of my current favorite channels is Tod's Workshop, where old ranged weapons get tested. It's mostly crossbows, but longbows, slings, and even plumbata have showed up at various times. His most recent video is a collaboration with VSO Gun Channel to test guns and crossbows against sandbags. The results were interesting and not what I was expecting.
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